Saturday, December 02, 2006

First Tuesdays at First Congregational

Tuesday December 5 at noon marks the last of this year's free concert series at First Congregational (UCC) Church, 137 Algoma. A lunch follows. Donations are appreciated but the concert and lunch are free! Everyone is welcome. This is a community-wide event.

This month's program is an opera, Christmas oriented, which was first broadcast on network television in the early 1960's. It was re-broadcast many times over the years, and most will find it quite familiar. It is called "Amahl and the Night Visitors." The singing will be done by Joyce Andrews, Frank Hoffmeister, and Elizabeth Thomas with Nancy Schmalz on piano. Don't let the word 'opera' scare you. Trust me. The music is wonderful.

For more on this the First Congregational website is here, the concert schedule is here, and wikipedia has a nice article on 'Amahl' which can be seen here.


I have had a number of comments regarding the fact that I link Al Jazeera News from this blog. Al Jazeera covered the Pope's recent trip to Turkey with four very nice articles. I have linked one of the articles right here. You can read the others by clicking on Al Jazeera on your left and entering 'Pope' on their search line.

Al Jazeera passes my litmus test for objectivity in reporting and I suspect you might agree. Reporting about Christians in the Arab world from an Arab news source is certainly a good test. Al Jazeera has passed this one with ease. Don't be afraid to go there!


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