Monday, December 18, 2006

The Salvation Army and More...

Bell ringing for the Salvation Army ends this weekend and more volunteers are needed in these last few days. Please call Jim at (920) 232-7660 to schedule a time and place. If you have never done this, here are some hints. Dress warm. The best you can hope for is a drafty store entrance. Ask a couple of friends to help you. An ideal number at a site might be three. Two can alternate ringing the bell while the third is warming up in the store. Ringing a bell constantly will be very tiring. Trade off often and keep the bell ringing! Note that the Salvation Army is a church but also a social service agency. Folks from many area churches are out ringing bells. Try something new. Call that number today.

Ya. Sure. Person of the year! That's my picture on the cover of Time magazine! It's your picture on the cover of Time if you are reading this. There is quite an interesting take on that which you can read about here. It was written by a UWO student. I have no idea who this person is but I enjoyed it. It forced me to think, which in most cases makes my head hurt, but that's good; the thinking part, not my head.

Why did I know about that person's blog? I'll tell you why. My trackback software told me that they lurk on my blog. They (or a friend) live in Malone, Wisconsin. I could tell you the coordinates of latitude and longitude too but it's not important (or maybe it is). Even weirder: If I know this much, how much do they know. After all, I'm 17yrs past the age of 40. People over forty don't understand computers. People under forty know a lot more. Scary thought.

Just in...

Rudolph will not be leading the pack Sunday night. He checked himself into the Betty Ford Clinic. I don't care to explain but it's got something to do with the nose. He has friends there. Spuds McKenzie is there as is Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed says: "OOOH Wilber, it was the Duckweed, the Duckweed."


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Archivista said...


I used to ring those bells a lot when I was a boy scout. I didn't do a very good job of it, though, wandering around the doorways and generally causing trouble.

I was at Pick N Save on Murdock the other day and there were about four or five early-middle aged folks doing the bell ringing, wishing everyone going in or out Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, handing out candy, and being genuinely cheerful. And they were making a killing. There was barely room in the bucket to shove my dollars in.

I'm your blog lurker and I am actually in Oshkosh, unless I'm working. I can assure you I have no idea who you are, besides "Gary," and whatever you write on here.

I found you linked from Babblemur (I think), and I read you because of the interesting Oshkosh news that turns up here. I am fascinated by the active bloggers in Oshkosh. My hometown doesn't have that kind of activity. They're too busy trying to ban books and having drunken knock-out fights downtown.

I read you frequently because I am either bored or seeking procrastination aids. I figure it's better than flipping channels, which I try not to do.

Keep up the good posting.