Friday, September 23, 2005


(Preface: Back in 1917 Republican Robert M. LaFollette addressed his fellow lawmakers in Washington D.C. and decried that war-profiteers should not be able to influence our country and fill their pockets with the blood-stained profits of WWI. Fighting Bob was eased out of the G.O.P. and the progressive movement is alive and well in Wisconsin today. Progressives own no party but lean towards any candidate which will work for the greater good of society. What would Fighting Bob think of Oshkosh today?)

Axel Tech has been sold. The new buyer is the 'Carlyle Group'. Just who is the Carlyle Group? A group of Republicans Hell-bent on emptying the pockets of the ordinary folks in the good old Untied Skates of America. Hold on Oshkosh! A lot of us are acquainted with the Carlyle Group and now you can be too. The Iraq War is costing about a $Billion and a third each week and the grand total is now about $200 Billion. Who is getting that money that us taxpayers will have our grandchildren pay back? Why of course...outfits such as Halliburton and Carlyle. The employees of Axel here in Oshkosh will continue to survive but the big winners will be the major stockholders of the Carlyle Group.

Who are these major stockholders who will get most of the money? READY! SET! GO HERE:

I implore you to do your part and pass this link on to your friends. Thank you.


Dubya's off the wagon. First Lady Laura has told George: "It's either Jim Beam or me". I will leave you today with one link which has several links of interest. I hope none of this is true. It is rather scary.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


A brewery from south of the border (souse of the border?) brought some beautiful horses to Oshkosh today. Four pair pulling a vintage century old wagon with a dalmation sitting atop the beer cases. The dalmation could hear. I asked. High percentages of dalmations are born deaf, probably from inbreeding. This, of course, explains why fire departments and dalmations have been intertwined over the years. The horses were groomed to-a-tee and very well behaved. They were brought here with several large 18-wheelers. This is a big operation with a lot of costs. Folks kept their cameras busy and the children enjoyed the spectacle.

Children? Of course, of course. There were no samples but the picture is clear. Get those kids adjusted to the sight of those clydesdales now so they'll know what to drink when they get older. The company that owns those clydesdales has done a lot to put brewmasters and brewery workers out of business in Wisconsin, and they continue to try to drain money out of this state. They refuse to distribute Wisconsin's micro-brews with their efficient delivery system. The micro-brews are no competition to them but this out-of-state brewer wants to smash all competition no matter how large or small. They are a ruthless killing machine, a great example of capitalism at its ugliest. They know how to brew a generic beer with the cheapest ingredients (rice...ugh!) and charge the biggest buck to make the most money.

It was explained to me many years ago that these clydesdales were given Schlitz to drink and the pail was put under the horse, bottled, and sent from Missouri to points north. I didn't get a chance to ask the horse groomers if that was true. I guess the dalmation question was probably enough.

Let them bring their pretty horses, but don't drink their beer unless you are on their turf. You'll know when to drink it when you see that 'gateway to the west' arch. In the meantime crack a Point, Leinies, Huber, Miller, and assorted Wisconsin microbrews. You are keeping some brewery worker from Wisconsin in a paycheck.

Michael Perry, noted author, spoke at the public library tonight. He drew a standing room only crowd and had them in stitches. His small town Wisconsin humor (New Auburn: Pop. 485) is now noted across the country. His advice tonight: "never stand behind a sneezing cow", "if you can see your breath, don't lick the pump handle", is a breath of fresh air. I know librarian Ruth P. had something to do with this. Thank you Ruth and all of the other people involved, especially the person who did the posters for this event. Psssst! People pay to hear storytellers like M. Perry.

Another story teller is Garrison Keillor. His show is broadcast on more radio stations than any other in the world. He can be found here:
He is in the news of late. He has decided to sue a blogger. That's right! A blogger has been selling shirts that say: 'A Prairie Ho Companion'. I can't imagine why GK is so excited. The only thing that "ho's" in Lake Wobegon is Santa Claus.

Protest the Iraq war this weekend. Thanks.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Last Saturday at the Leach was a gem. Earthdance is an international celebration held in some 150 locations worldwide. The doings took place for 11-hours beginning at noon.

Such a deal. Admission was 5-bucks. It included many bands, a few short speakers, and drums, drums, drums. Beer was 3-glasses for $5.

This was not the 1st Earthdance in Oshkosh, but the first at the Leach. Weather was perfect and such a great time.

Jason Moon entertained in the afternoon. I have never heard him sound better. He was relaxed, laid back, and intense all at once. His voice was crystal clear with excellent diction. His guitar work provides just the right backup to enhance his voice. At times Robin C. and a few others shaded some percussion into Jason's performance. (My congrats go to the person who ran sound.) Jason is worth a listen anytime. He could open for a great act like Greg Brown and take the professional 'heat' and stand tall. Keep at it Jason.

Every act was excellent. I'm not going to name them all here, they all deserve recognition, but I will mention the last one: "Stealin' Strings". This band could swing between rock and country just as smoothly as the Eagles did years ago. I enjoyed their bass player. He did some excellent lines.

I understand that Drew Mueski was in large part responsible in getting these bands. Hell of a job Drew! I don't know how you did it. Great job.

Robin Cardell of the Oshkosh Rhythm Institute worked extremely hard to put together this event and I enjoyed the drum circle between the other acts. Thank you Robin.

A big thank you to all you helped in any way in this great event. There is no way I could name everyone but the music caught my fancy, ---every bit of it.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Went past Leon's Frozen Custard on Murdock the other night. The sign said:


What does this imply? Should a person ask about the circumstances of the old janitor? Would you eat there? Just kidding. Just kidding.


Does the name Francis Bellamy ring your bells? You may have heard of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Adams, but Francis Bellamy?

Mr. Bellamy wrote the Pledge of Allegiance. He did not live in the 1700's. He was only 10yrs-old when President Lincoln died. He wore several hats in his life. He was a Baptist minister. He was a Socialist. He was also an educator.

HE NEVER PUT ANY REFERENCE TO GOD IN THE PLEDGE! Part of the reason for the addition of the 'under God' phrase in 1954 was Wisconsin's own goofball Joe McCarthy carrying on about the 'god-less' Communists. America, famous for its separation of church and state caved in back in 1954 and added it.

Have some fun. Ask the oldest person you know to recite the 'Pledge'. If you are talking to someone who went to school previous to 1954 they will almost always say it without the 'under God' phrase. They even complain about the uneven rhythm it gives the 'Pledge', ---something they are not used to.

Back in 1892 Mr. Bellamy was even afraid to put the word 'equality' in the pledge. White males would never have tolerated that. Women and blacks were not equal. The pledge has changed a bit over the years. That's OK. I didn't say that it changed for the better.

Patriotism is OK too, but blind patriotism is not. My mother, who never missed a chance to remind me that she was born around the time women got the vote, (something she was very proud of), always instilled in us that authority should be dissected and questioned. Think long and hard about this 'under God' phrase.

My opinion? Leave it out of the pledge. Our government exists because the English mixed religion and government. Totally remove all traces of religion in our government.

What's the result? More folks would come to the conclusion that they (and their kids) better start spending more time at church, cause they ain't gonna get religion at school.

Go here:

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Muttface, (not her real name), is a collie approaching the age of three. She is a wonderful dog. She gets me up at 5:30, sometimes 4:30, and even 3:30. She is insistent, and I follow her orders. I'll be darned if I'm going to chance a mess on the floor. Collies are very flighty...high strung if you wish. She barks for no reason, day or night, and sheds hair---not just a little hair, but hair everywhere---tons of it. She drools, begs, and stinks to high heaven. She refuses to come when called so dog biscuits are needed at all times. She even whimpers at the off-brand 'milk-bones' I've been giving her! She will throw them down on the floor where they sit for hours until the mood strikes her.

The paper-girl loves her. She showed up with the Northwestern about 5:30 this morning and muttface jumped all over her. They have become good friends and they both look forward to seeing each other. The mail-woman loves muttface too and they see each other about noon each day.

The kids from a nearby school all know her. About half know her by her right name (which is why I didn't print it here) and the other half call her 'Lassie'. Lassie she is, a carbon copy.

Muttface is good with one or two people but she is horrible in a crowd...too flighty...barks all day. Dogs are fun. They have their moods but they sure give a lot of joy.

Muttface has been trained to stay out of certain rooms in the house and she stays unleashed in the yard if someone is present. She knows better than to step out of the yard.

I wonder what she would type if I taught her how?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Scooping the Northwestern---Scooping Gannett

Fighting Bob Fest was Saturday at the Sauk County Fairgrounds. Bernie Sanders (soon to be) a Senator from Vermont spoke to the crowd. Many others spoke including Jim Hightower, Gwen Moore, Tammy Baldwin, etc.

I estimate the crowd at 5,500. (Using the Oshkosh Air Show type estimation, i.e. -patrons-X-number of speakers, the crowd estimate could easily be 40,000!)

It was, put simply, the largest political event in Wisconsin in 2005. It dwarfs the Democratic, Republican, and Green Party get-togethers.

A Green Party speaker flew in from San Francisco and was warmly received by what is possibly the largest audience a Green Party speaker has ever seen in this state. The event had many progressive Democrats on the podium too. It was a diverse and friendly crowd. For more go here:

One visitor to the Fest was Ben Masel. Ben has announced that he will be running for U.S. Senator from Wisconsin against Mr. Kohl. For more, and photographs, go here:

Best bumper sticker seen Saturday: "VIETNAM IS ARABIC FOR IRAQ"

Last Friday the war vigil at the sundial had some interesting twists.

Mr. Metz, who used to run the Northwestern, greeted the protesters with half-a-peace-sign (the bird). Remember that the next time someone howls about the 'liberal media'.

A giggling young lady riding 'shotgun' in a passing car flashed the assembled protesters.

I'm still trying to decide who is the biggest boob.

The Sunday parade honoring the troops had a dismal turnout. I did my part. I was there. Where were you?

It has now been 1,461 days since Osama attacked the twin towers. Where is he? Have you checked under your bed lately? Go here:

Friday, September 09, 2005


Seen on the streets of Oshkosh...---a t-shirt that says:


FIGHTING BOB FEST is Saturday. There is still room on the (free) bus which departs from the sundial at 8am. The Fest is also free. Suggested donation is $5 for the bus (still cheap) and $10 for the Fest (a deal at any price). Go here to learn more:

"Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans,
And miss it each night and day?"
Satchmo did in 1946 and it was re-recorded many times to this day. From the movie "New Orleans":

Monument to Disaster:

Notes on an EMS Conference held in New Orleans:

What do others think? Find out what the Germans think of us along with selected worldwide news at the English version of the German News site - 'Der Spiegel':


A GREAT PRESIDENT WOULD see the current situation in New Orleans as an opportunity to turn a great tragedy into a world revered triumph. A new city, built for a new century, a shining star that would bring tourists from around the world. A place geared for walking, public transportation, mopeds, bicycles, scooters, and skate boards. A city with solar panels for a skyline, sewerless compost toilets, public free wireless internet...the list could go on and on but I'm sure you get the idea. Jobs-jobs-jobs for architects, innovative city planners, and anyone with ambition. A premier showplace of a new city for a new century and a President with his legacy firmly planted in the new history books.

Mr. Bush is not a great president. He is not a good president. He is not even a mediocre president. He is listening to the gloom and doom of the Grover Norquist bunch and will be relegated to the history books as a moron.

Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin disappeared some years back when the Kickapoo River rose above it. An alert president saw an opportunity and jumped at it. The Feds pumped several million dollars into moving the berg a few blocks over onto higher land and took the cutting edge solar power of the day and had all of the businesses install it. Jimmy Carter was the president and the year was 1978. It took four years to complete this new town nick-named 'Solar Town,USA'. The 550 residents of this sleepy little community in southwestern Wisconsin kept that sense of community and eventually saved a bundle of money.

To the best of my knowledge the natural gas furnace installed at the Soldiers Grove grocery store has NEVER kicked in! It was put in for back-up but has never been used. The grocery uses several energy saving devices including massive solar panels on the roof and devices which re-direct heat from the refrigeration unit coils to heat the store in winter.

Humanitarian Jimmy Carter is a hero to me. He was willing to try new things. That's what it means to be called a political 'Progressive'. (I'm one. How about you?) Go here: