Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Clyde Stubblefield and James Brown

James Brown's death brings the name Clyde Stubblefield to mind. Clyde was the drummer on the classic "I Feel Good."

Clyde saw the country while doing gigs and chose Madison, Wisconsin as his place to live. Clyde has been a fixture in the Madison scene for decades and on occasion plays on Michael Feldman's Saturday morning show on public radio.

His health has not been too good of late. He has been treated for cancer and benefits have been held in his honor. I understand that Clyde will be doing a gig tonight (12/26/06) at the King Club, 114 King St., near the Capitol in Madison.

A little more about Clyde can be gleaned here.

I worked with Clyde one time. It was a Music Performance Trust Fund job a long long time ago. It was a hastily put together combo which entertained the Stoughton Senior Citizens at lunchtime. It was low key and fun, not the kind of job that made Clyde famous, just a routine job which proved to me that Clyde could play anything for anyone and do it well.

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