Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Holiday Events

Gallery Walk

Don't forget to take in the Art Walk downtown Saturday night from 6-9pm. It's a great time to absorb some local art and visit with your friends. It happens the first Saturday every month.


Thursday will be a great night at Waterfest with Cowboy Mouth. They were here last year and put on a heck of a show. The drummer fronts the group with energy plus and humor. Jon McLaughlin opens the night, not to be confused with John McLaughlin of the 'How many notes per square inch guitar playing' Montevishnu Orchestra of years ago (darn). Click on the link to your right for more.

Sawdust Days

Sawdust Days runs all weekend through the 4th and you can go here for the details. Fireworks are scheduled for Monday night.

Rhythm & Booms

This is held at Warner Park in Madison and you can learn more here. The fireworks is scheduled for Saturday July 1 with a rain date of Sunday night. Some years this is billed as the largest fireworks display in the nation and attendance will run 250,000 to 300,000. Get there early and use the shuttle buses from the airport. Don't say I didn't tell you.

It's a shame the Fisk fireworks is scheduled the same night as Sawdust Days. Have a great weekend and holiday and if you are driving, make sure you have a car.

Be safe!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flag Burning Amendment

I have had various people tell me they would be in favor of this amendment.

I have had various people tell me that they vote Republican because Republicans are for this amendment.

Common sense tells me that Republicans have been in control of Congress since the mid-1990's.

Common sense tells me that Republicans have controlled the Office of the President, both houses of Congress, and the Supreme Court in the time since 2000.

Common sense tells me that the Republicans aren't serious about a Flag Burning Amendment at all. It's just an election year ploy. They have had since 1996 to deal with it.

To save me time change the title of this blog to Anti-Abortion Amendment and read it again.

I wonder if Republicans ever get the feeling they are being trickled on.


Politics is about money. Big money bought the GOP by 1910 and have now bought 70-80% of the Democrats. Social issues be damned. It's about money. Get used to it.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Beach Boys coming to Oshkosh

Way back in the dark ages of the last century, the spring of 1983 I believe, I remember reading that the Beach Boys were scheduled to play in Washington D.C. on July 4 within sight of the Lincoln and Washington Memorials. The article stated that they had been removed from the line-up by a Reagan appointee who said to the effect that " the Beach Boys did not reflect traditional American family values". Wayne Newton was the replacement.

After your ribs stop hurting and you wipe the drool from the keyboard please regain some level of composure and read the rest of this.

James Watt, Secretary of the Interior under Pres. Ray-Gun was the culprit. He controlled the Nat'l Park system and Nat'l Monuments and thus was able to nix the Beach Boys. James Watt is a right wing religious wacko who doesn't give a damn about ecology. He believes that it doesn't matter what you pollute, bomb, or otherwise destroy because the end is coming and all the bad people will die (Islamists, Catholics, Jews, blacks, atheists...the list goes on and on...) and all of the good people will get sucked into the sky and put at the right hand of God. When the smoke clears they will get sent back to an idyllic Eden to start over.

The Beach Boys were miffed and it caused a national uproar for half a day or so. Weeks later I was tooling around southern California in a rented car and heard the most amazing item on the radio. The Beach Boys, shunned by this country's elite, had decided to do a 'give back' to their home town of Long Beach and throw a free concert out on the pier where the Queen Mary is permanently docked. I said "Let's go!" My soul mate reminded me I was nuts but what else is new? I bribed a taxi driver to drop us off and come back for us later. It was a good move due to the extreme traffic towards the Long Beach Pier on July 4. They were celebrating the 20th year since their first hit. It was great to see them on their own turf and the crowd was ecstatic.

That's my Beach Boy story and now they're coming to Oshkosh. They will appear on the air show grounds in late July forty five years after they first formed the band!

1961 was the year. They will come wearing baseball caps to hide hair loss. That lost hair really isn't lost...It's formed tufts in their ears. The loose flowered shirts will hide the paunch, and these old farts will stand on stage with weathered aging faces and sing: "Be True to Your School".

What a hoot.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Welcome to Oshkosh

The Miss Wisconsin Pageant, the country music fest, Waterfest, EAA and much more bring people to Oshkosh. Imagine someone from West Bend or Green Bay coming to Waterfest on Thursday, making a pit stop before arrival at the Leach and having the convenience store clerk tell them that their business has NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS!

In Oshkosh you say? Yes. The Marathon station on South Main near the bridge is refusing to let patrons use their restrooms. The Marathon station on Jackson (near Hardees and the courthouse) also refuses the use of their restrooms.

Welcome to Oshkosh.

Enough said.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Flag Day and Voting with Disabilities

Flag Day is a good occasion for a parade. If you are short on flags go to the nearest cemetery and borrow a few.

If Diebold gets a foothold in Winnebago County burn those flags on the 4th of July. If they melt instead of burn it's your own fault. Damn plastic flags are no fun at all.

I think the next Constitutional Amendment should be: All Flags Must Be Made of Asbestos. I stole that from somebody but can't remember who.

It's my understanding that the Feds are holding off on sueing for noncompliance regarding people with disabilities. That's a great reason for the county to hold off any decision on touch screen machines.

People with disabilities in Wisconsin are given every possible opportunity to vote under current laws. They can pick anyone to assist them. Every effort is made to make this the most private of decisions. By law Election Officials must provide curbside service for disabled voters. It ain't exactly like the skates at Ardy & Eds, but yes, Curbside service is the law. Two Election Officials (from opposing parties) must leave the election proper, go out to the curb, and assist the person sitting in the car who may not feel well enough to come inside. Really think the Feds are going to hurry us into a bad decision? Think again.

Want to know what the Wisconsin Election Officials Manual has to say about this? It's easy.
Go here:
Click on: Forms & Publications
Under Manuals click on: "Election Day Manual"
The detail is on page 43-44-and45.

The above is what election workers are taught and must obey. Can we do better? Certainly, but let's have some more choices in voting machines and companies not dogged with lawsuits.

How about it Oshkosh?

The alternative might be to burn a few flags on the 4th.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Burning Man is coming to North East Wisconsin in the form of a Summer Solstice Party on June 24-25. There will be camping, body painting, music making, performance art, skinny-dipping day and night, storytelling, and pyrotechnics including the Burning Man.

While our politicians continue to trash what's left of our ailing democracy by imposing machines with mistakes in the software and holes everywhere we are going to take a weekend off and party like there's no tomorrow.

The Burning Man is not a spectator event. It is participatory at which time you earn your rights to also be a spectator. Have you ever done body painting? Would you like to be the canvas? Can you tap dance? Want to tap dance while body-painted twirling a burning cane?

Normal people need not apply. There must be something wrong with you if you want to attend this and like starting things on fire. The Wisconsin sport of drinking, being loud and falling down will not be tolerated at this event. It is on private property and anyone with that in mind will be immediately removed from the premises. However most other behavior will be tolerated and even encouraged.

I will be writing more on this but want to get the word out now. Time is of the essence. Here are some of the basics...

Cost of camping: $0
Cost of admission: $0
Cost of anything: $0

Donations of time, certain material items, and specialized talents would be greatly appreciated. Some quick examples...

Burning Man: Do you like to build bonfires? Do you have a pick-up and a wood source? Do you know basic carpentry, have nails and binder twine? What do you know about legal pyrotechnics? What can you help with?

Halloween in June: Do you like to make weird costumes incorporating body painting and make-up? Did you ever try being a mime? Would you like to try being a mime? Ever mix water, cold cream, Argo, and food coloring? Cold cream is expensive and we need a lot of it.

Bring a guitar and a harmonica, flute or whatever. Can you imagine Dueling Tubas?

Have a talent you would like to share or teach?

Now for the nitty-gritty...

Where? -An undisclosed rural place in NE-Wisconsin
When? June 24-25
Camping? Yes. Includes flush toilet and showers, bubbler and excellent well water.
Provisions? Under ten minutes to full service grocery, dollar store, and convenience store. (nothing on premises)
Food and Beverages? Bring your own.

This is an invitation only private event on private property. If you are interested in attending and are acquainted with me send an email at once for more details. If you are not acquainted with me but have a friend who is, please have that friend send me a 'cover' email vouching for your craziness. It isn't as complicated as it sounds.

Party crashers will not be tolerated. You must have your invite in order to attend due to limited space. Links and more will be coming on this post.