Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Adults Only Please, not for kids

In the interest of fairness to people not of my political or religious leanings I am turning this space over to others, just for today...

There are folks who are a bit to the right of my Unitarian Universalist leanings and I try to be considerate of them. Some of them even vote. Some of them even voted for Bush, the most moral.

I turn to Reverend James Rutz for food for thought today. Jim warns us to beware of the Devil's food. I trust Jim because he's the whitest ol' boy I read today and his whole story can be read here.

He sez the devil's food is soy. He sez "soybean products are feminizing."

More things Jim sez:
  • Soy causes homosexuality
  • Soy produces heart problems
  • Soy causes excess fat and obesity
  • Soy causes cancer in children
  • Soy causes breast cancer

Rev. Jim sez a bit more, with the last two words being: "avoid tofu."

Beginning tomorrow I go back to being a liberal and will again belittle stupid right-wing evangelical mind---ks.


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