Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I went to a meeting at the Oshkosh Public Library concerning this subject last week. What an age range! The origins of thought cover a greater range than I could've first imagined. There are as many reasons for ending this Iraq quagmire as the made-up and lying reasons that got us there in the first place. There were new faces...ones I hadn't seen before. There is room for a lot more faces and ideas to keep pressure on the government at ALL levels to put an end to this war.

The next meeting will be held on August 3 at 7pm at the Oshkosh Public Library. I'm going to be there if I can. I appeal to anyone who reads this to please join me and others in this worthwhile endeavor.

The reasons are endless. Here are a few of mine...

The Republican Conservative lower taxes/less government one: The Iraq Quagmire is costing at least 1 and 1/3 billion dollars per week. END IT.

What about Truck? Oshkosh Truck is great. I believe that the government should shell out much more money to Truck---much more of our tax dollars. Truck can retool and build windmills and solar panels. We need a crash public infusion of tax dollars that would make FDR and the New Deal a flash in the pan. Let's spend enough money to make the U.S. the leader on the planet in preparing for the eventual demise of the oil industry. Let's make the U.S. the cheapest place on Earth to make a widget, -and with cheap energy the standard of living could remain high.

The editorial staff at the Northwestern takes the "Cobblestoner's Award" for their backward stance on the Iraq mess. COME ON! This has lasted almost as long as WWII. We don't need perpetual war...or even the 12-year long war I keep reading about.

The Northwestern is a bit boring when a person can read Doug Thompson:

Doug Boone is doing quite a job collecting signatures to bring the troops home. His peace petition is getting an excellent response. I have helped him a few times over at the Leach, where he sets up a few tables before the concerts. It is fascinating to see folks stop on a hot summer night, rushing to make the 7pm deadline for lower priced tickets, and take the time to sign the petition. About 1,500 have done so. The comments are simple, to the point, and reflect Oshkosh quite well. The fellow who served in Gulf War I and just came back from serving again. He said: "get out now, a civil war is starting" "we had no business being there". The couple who is irate about the recruiter who is talking to their son and promising more than he can deliver. Disgusted traditional Republicans who are tired of Bush's crap.

Want to help? Come to the Leach Thursday around 5pm. You can hear those responses for yourself.

Come to the Leach Thursday to hear some good blues. It should be a great concert. The Guess Who put on a great show last week. They announced that the band has had over 50-members in its history. They are tight and not in the has-been category.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Welcome back folks. I've been recreating for several days. That's recreate, -as in recreation. It is a strange summer, no bugs but lots of spiders. The corn looks horrible.

Fun with Google. This link has very practical applications but it is more fun to play pranks with it. You can make these up as you go along. I'll just give you a start. See an unattended computer? Go to this site and leave it. Got children? Go here and ask them what is wrong with the computer. Children can go here and ask the adults the same thing. Library users should go to the librarian and complain BUT should do it now, not next week.

Ever wonder what your screen looks like from the other side?

The Space Shuttle is in trouble. A fuel sensor is not working, needs a wire wiggled according to the news. They should take it down to the filling station in Mayberry and have Goober take a look at it.

Abortion, pro and con. This is about the cons, the people who con other people. Whatever your thoughts are on abortion be aware of the following items.

Dubya will be on Faux News and other outlets spewing his spittle on the new nominee for the Supreme Court. I won't be watching. I refuse to watch Dubya until he gets that smart-ass smirk off his monkey face.

Republicans are anti-abortion. Dubya is anti-abortion. Well meaning Republicans voted for Dubya. HOOEY.


Please follow this...

1975- J. Danforth Quayle Sr. is CEO of the multi-zillion dollar drug company Eli Lilly. He invites George H.W. Bush to be on the Board of Directors of Eli Lilly.

1982-83- The Supreme Court tells Bush the Elder that he will be handcuffed if he continues to lobby for Eli Lilly while on the Gov. Payroll.

1987-88-King George the 1st pays back Quayle Sr. by taking on his potatoe-headed son as his Vice-Presidential running mate.


The Bush Family and Friends sell the abortion pill. Why let Surgeons perform abortions when we can stuff our pockets with money from an abortion pill.

Many people from Eli Lilly were hired by Dubya to come to Washington in 2000. They include Mitch Daniels. He was high-up in Eli Lilly in Indiana, went to Washington, then ran for Governor of Indiana. Go Here:


Please pass the word.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The United Church of Christ (UCC)

I said at the beginning that I would write about religion. The UCC is the topic today. I will concentrate on one area of the UCC, the Congregational Church. The UCC has been in the news lately due to its very liberal treatment of gays. Knowing some background is certainly in order.

England broke from the Roman Catholic Church (1500's) and the state church became known as the Anglican Church. English emigrants to America (1620) included many who eventually formed the Congregational Church. Yes. The Congregational Church is commonly known as the 'Pilgrim Church'.

(The Anglican Church eventually came to America, where it is called the Episcopal Church.)

The Congregational Church, the pilgrim's church, has also been called the 'Church of the Presidents' many times over the years. Many many presidents have attended the Congregational Church, ---and when they needed more dignity and pomp, have attended the Episcopal Church in Washington D.C. Many people doing their family genealogies, upon finding out they have an English 'side', are very used to the idea that the Congregational Church, United States of America, and roots in England, all seem to blend into one.

The Congregational Church exists from the 'bottom-up', as opposed to its polar opposite - the Roman Catholic Church. Catholics are dictated to by Rome. The Congregational Church is a product of the local parish members ---and they inform the state or national church officials what they are doing, or intend to do. Each individual Congregational Church may be quite different than another just ten miles away.

There was always some form of outreach to other churches and the Congregationals began merging with other churches in the 1930's. The largest merger happened after some twenty years of work in the 1950's. They merged with the Evangelical & Reformed Church (E&R) and the merger gave the church a new name: The United Church of Christ.

Many of these merged groups used 'UCC' on their sign with 'Congregational' or 'E&R' below it in smaller (or larger) print. Some still are not totally comfortable with this merger as in the case of the Congregational Church in downtown Oshkosh. They have allegiance to both the UCC and the old Congregational Church.

The UCC continues to reach out to other churches and considers harmony with other faiths as necessary and proper. The Kennebunkport, Maine UCC is one church which you may have heard of, being the place where a former president attends, and has even been the scene of protests.

What is the UCC like? I was confirmed in the UCC in the early 1960's in a small town in Wisconsin. One of the requirements was that I attend the other churches in town at least once and be able to comment on them. (They were Missouri Synod Lutheran and Roman Catholic.) Now, some 40yrs later, some people gasp when I tell them this. I never thought it unusual.

Yes. The UCC is quite liberal and open to new ideas and social justice. I can truly understand why they welcome gays into the fold. They are quite possibly way ahead of everyone else.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Republican Origins in Ripon

We're getting some confusing dates from Washington on the status of the mess in Iraq...
First V.P. Dick (Lon) Cheney says the insurgency is in its last throes...
Second-Rumsfeld says it could last 12 years.
Third-The only date that ever seems to come from the mouth of Dubya Bush is 9-11.
Don't you think we deserve a bit more than this?

I will be doing some research on Ripon in the coming months. Ripon, supposedly the origin of the G.O.P., has some very interesting origins. Many of the early settlers there were Prussian (German) Socialists who came there via Milwaukee. How much influence did they have on the early G.O.P.? Keep in mind that Milwaukee had a Socialist Mayor until the 1960's. This is a very interesting subject. Part of the Ripon group broke off and formed a commune in the Rush Lake area.

There is a new book by Milwaukee's last Socialist Mayor, Frank Zeidler, who is age 93.
Go here: http://www.milwaukeepublishers.com

Friday, July 01, 2005

A Billion Dollars a Week

The Art Walk is this Saturday from 6-9pm downtown. Amidst all of the holiday activities this stands out as one of my favorites. Art is such a subjective thing. What appeals to one can be hated by another. I have an online contribution for the Art Walk. Here it is: http://home.comcast.net/~wizardofwhimsy

Fireworks and celebrations...
Oshkosh has fireworks Sunday night. Omro has theirs on Monday the 4th. The BIG ONE in the midwest is in Madison Saturday night. For the thrill of a lifetime go to Madison Saturday. They expect 300,000+ for one of the best displays in the country. They call it Rhythm & Booms since they combine the fireworks with music. The music is being provided this year by the Madison Symphony Orchestra with noted singer Sandi Patty. The music is broadcast live on WOLX-the oldies station there. People are encouraged to bring boom boxes to the fireworks. Imagine 75,000 boom boxes all tuned to the same station. They traditionally end the program with the bombastic '1812 Overture', complete with authentic Civil War cannons in the gala ending. For more go here: http://www.rhythmandbooms.com

Sawdust Days should be a good time. I have one concern regarding this. It's strange to go to an Oshkosh event and think that you are in St. Louis. That's right. St. Louis. Why are we Wisconsinites promoting beer from Missouri? The signs are everywhere for that cheap rice beer which I refuse to name. It's time to get Wisconsin beer sponsors for Sawdust Days if we have to drag them kicking and screaming into the fold. Do your part. If you imbibe, try to keep the money in Wisconsin. If you have visitors coming from out of town offer them a taste of Wisconsin. We've got some damn fine beer here: Point, Leinies, New Glarus, and my all time favorite any time of the year Huber Bock. Huber's premium brand is Berghoff. I'm impressed with the Huber Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin which in part is owned by its employees. http://www.huberbrewery.com

Mill Rate. There has been a lot of talk about this in the last week. Ever ask someone what a 'mill' is? A mill is 1/10 of one cent. It is that '9' at the end of the price at the gas pump. $229.9 is simply Two Dollars and 29 and 9/10ths cents a gallon. Do they teach this in school anymore? An old timer told me many years ago that when he was young the general store would make change RIGHT DOWN TO THE MILL. He said that the mill was a wooden coin, but couldn't verify if it was government issued or just used and made locally for the business. Do museums and coin collectors have these?

On freedom...
Bloggers in China had until Thursday of this week to register with the government. Some are already in jail for questioning China's government on a variety of issues. Here in the Untied Skates of America the issue de jour is flag burning.

FLAG BURNING should be kept legal. Anyone who wants flag burning to be a crime should move to Cuba where they have a wonderful law against desecrating the Cuban flag. Fidel locks them up for years. The changes in the last week here regarding "Eminent Domain" is going to breed a whole new group of folks willing to burn the flag. I say: put the flags on the graves on Memorial Day, if you need a few for Flag Day on June 14-the cemeteries have lots of them, and if the spirit moves you-burn a few on the 4th of July.

Over one $billion is spent each week on this Iraq quagmire. What could we do if we chose to do something else with that money? What would it buy? That's the question I'm going to leave you with today. Think about it and write a line or two.

Happy 4th!