Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mass Murder Being Planned over Christmas

Murder, maim, torture: welcome to the American way. No joy at this blog today. No matter what I attempt to do, a very haunting blog post prevents me from thinking about anything else.

Dennis Rahkonen of Superior, Wisconsin wrote it. It's called "While we celebrate the birth of Jesus, mass murder is being planned." You can read it here and be just as depressed as I am.

I wanted to post this last night but thought I'd do the proverbial 'count to ten' first. Headlines everywhere are mentioning that Bush may increase troop levels in January. It's over. That's even coming from Republicans such as Colin Powell. U.S. troop deaths approach 3,000. The Saudis are funding one group in Iraq, with Iran funding the other, and U.S. troops singing "Stuck in the Middle With You." The U.S. can't even keep the Bagdad Airport Road open much less Bagdad, much less the entirety of Iraq.

Nancy Pelosi saying "impeachment is off the table." What I am hearing on the streets of Oshkosh is: "What are the Democrats waiting for? Impeach him."

I keep picturing in my mind that sign James Genisio is apt to carry: "No One Died When Clinton Lied."

I'll be at the sundial early in the evening the day after the U.S. troop deaths hit 3,000. Join me there.


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