Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oshkosh Peace Wreaths in the Denver Post

Babblemur talked about it here. The MSM and the blogosphere was buzzin' with the news. Nancy Lofholm from the Denver Post in the great state of Colorado asked even more questions and talked to someone from the Winnebago Peace and Justice Center in Oshkosh. She learned that a record 20 Peace Wreaths were sold on November 28. You can read the Denver Post article here.

Jenni Ryan, local peace activist, tipped me off about this at Saturday's Gallery Walk. Sales of the Peace Wreaths shot up with the hoopla in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

The Home Owners Association (HOA) in a subdivision of Pagosa Springs got their panties in a bundle over a peace wreath and threatened the homeowner with a $25 per day fine. The HOA suffered the wrath of the blogosphere and later backed off. Folks entering "peace wreath" into search engines soon found the Oshkosh based Winnebago Peace and Justice Center fundraiser which accounted for an immediate jump in sales.

This is where I toot my own horn. Over a year ago it was 'I' who suggested this as a fundraiser for WPJC. The idea took off and anyone who drove past the sundial at night a year ago got treated to a super large lighted peace wreath above the WPJC headquarters at 123 Market Street. Other people did all the work. I supervised. Sorry to say the large peace wreath didn't get put up this year. (Whatever happened to that oversized hula hoop?)

The wreaths are much better this year and sales are way up. There is still time to get one. Please contact:

Mention my name and they might give you a discount (just kidding). You can learn more about the wreaths here and here.

Peace on Earth!

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