Thursday, December 28, 2006

Salvation Army Wrap-Up

Captain Johnny Harsh told me today that the Kettle Campaign netted about $124,300. He and co-Captain Yoley Harsh both said at the same time: "Thank you Oshkosh!"

Some background...

The 2005 goal was $100,000 with $120,000 actually collected. The goal this year was $120,000.

It's a group effort which includes everyone who dropped a coin in a kettle, bellringers, and people behind the scenes who placed and picked up those kettles and more. A cast of hundreds, maybe thousands, and I'll name a few today.

Jim Barthel

The Chairman of the Salvation Army Advisory Board, Jim was the 'nerve center' of the campaign. He volunteered to arrange locations and schedule bell ringers. He coordinated this effort from beginning to end spending countless hours on the phone while eyeing a master chart which covered an entire wall of his temporary office. Thank you James Barthel!

Bob Hennick

Bob, an old hand at ringing bells, spent upwards of ten hours per day in the cold. Thanks Bob!

Helen Lloyd Burr

She's got her own special way of filling the kettles. She calls her friends and tells them to write checks. Helen came in with over $6,000 in one day!

Chuck Jones

Chuck decided to 'give it all' this year and rang bells for some ninety-one hours! Thanks Chuck!

...And thanks to everyone else who helped! Captain Johnny says "Praise the Lord! The 2007 budget is covered!"

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