Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gallery Walk December 2, 2006

It's that time again! The holiday edition of the popular Art Walk. This Saturday 6-9pm. If you have never been there (shame-shame), come to the downtown area by the sundial and wander in any place with the lights on. Most galleries have maps. Take that map and proceed to visit some of the thirty locations.

Galleries farther north on North Main are opening at 5pm and provide a good starting point. Work your way south on North Main and leave some time to go over the bridge and visit the south side galleries.

Remember that artwork and sculpture might make a perfect present. Jacinda's Spa and Salon, 440 N. Main will be open. Ask for a tour. They have Gift Certificates!

The New Moon Cafe has Jason Moon entertaining during the Gallery Walk. Bring the kids. Have a warm beverage and check out the latest artwork on the walls. Jason Moon has a great voice and message.

The Oshkosh Bead Market has a new selection of Christmas beads and for those who don't have the time they have put together a selection of Pre-made Boxed Jewelry.

Around the corner from the Bead Market is Sweet Usoapia. A nice selection of aromatic Gift Bath Sets will tempt you.

The Salvation Army hopes to have bell-ringers present Saturday evening. If you would like to ring bells for an hour call Jim at 232-7660.

Look for your's truly at the keys Saturday morning at the New Moon and if you say 'Hi' be prepared to drop something in the Salvation Army Kettle right in front of the piano.


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