Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 4th Gallery Walk, An Update

There are THIRTY ONE galleries listed on the map for this month's Art Walk! This may be some sort of a record! It's great news, kudos to all who are involved in this community event.

Everyone has their own approach to the Gallery Walk. Today's column will speak to one which I would never try, but admire from a distance. There is a small dedicated group which takes the Gallery Walk as an endurance test...with the clock running. The aim is to be present at each and every gallery in the allotted three hour time limit (6-9pm). It becomes more like a Gallery WALK-RUN! I find it amusing and I do envy them although they miss something in the process. Nuances are missed. One cannot assess the mellifluous meanderings of an artist with a short walk-through.

(Mellifluous: I had to work that one in. Jody from the Side Street used that word in a recent posting. I liked it. I hope she's copacetic.)


Spectators and runners alike will receive an extra hour Saturday. Pedestrian Arts at 664 N. Main is celebrating their 16th Anniversary with an open house that begins at 5pm. With that in mind start slowly on North Main and work your way south toward the bridge. Movin' Shoes, 511 N. Main always has some interesting items by UWO students. A highlight this month is a 'Huge Art Sale' -Edsel LaBillois, at the Art Space Collective, 7 Merritt Ave. Jacinda's Spa and Solon, 440 N. Main is having a Fashion Show (Kelly Gierach). Jambalaya Co-op, 433 N. Main, is consistently interesting, month after month.

The New Moon Cafe has live music. Jenna Larson is showing at Limelite Studios, 101 Algoma Blvd. You be the judge: Will Jenna's art or Jenna's baby get more attention? Upscale Resale on Market decided some months ago to be open for every gallery walk. Other stores are beginning to take note and see the potential for business. Upscale Resale always has good treats too!

Two new stops are Madqueens at 115 Washington Ave. and Guten Tag Studio and Gallery, 316 Court St. (Leslie Trewyn). Atomic Katz, 17 Waugoo St, is celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

Going down Market St. the Oshkosh Bead Market will be open. Sweet Usoapia is music to one's nose and the Sparr Gallery is a treat to the eyes. The lower level of the Sparr Gallery is not to be missed, especially this time of year.

Don't get tied down to the north side of the bridge. Special mention to the four galleries on the near south side. 6th Avenue Arts, 601 S. Main, Oswald Photography at 615 S. Main. Also the Gallery at 8th & Main at that same address, and the Blue Room Studio at 800 Oregon St. (Alex Becerra and Cal Jones).

If the Gallery Walk gets much larger it could become the Gallery Walk-Run. If anyone chooses to try this I will be happy to post the results, the trips-falls, best wine, best treats, etc.

Weather, as I write this, might include snow. I love walking in the first snow of the winter. If you choose to rest and relax after 9pm I would suggest Oblios on N. Main and Brooklyn on S. Main.


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