Friday, November 03, 2006

Wedgies for Julie Pung Leschke

I have never met Julie Pung Leschke. I'm sure she is an engaging, polite, and bright person. I feel sorry for her. It's hard to look in the mirror and see an elephant.

You can vote Republican, but you can't be one.

Does the elephant always remember?

Keep in mind that conservatives kept women from owning property for centuries.

Keep in mind that black males were given the right to vote a half century before women. Liberals helped women gain that right circa 1920. It's the conservatives in our society that are responsible for the longstanding practice of keeping women's wages below mens thus keeping most women from owning property.

It's conservatives who maintained that condoms could only be sold by a pharmacist, (under the counter), who could demand proof of marriage. That ended in the late 1960's when truck stops along the I-system sued to allow condom machines in their restrooms. One Republican state rep. even asked: Where are we going to get the boys we need to join the Army?

Fast forward to 2006 and the conservatives want to limit stem cell research. In generations to come the stem cell thing will look as stupid as the condom idiocy in the latter 1960's. Do you want to be a part of that Julie Pung Leschke?

Here's a classic Republican 'cut taxes and save the government money strategy': Cut the $10 to $15 food stamp stipend to folks on S.S. Disability and give another tax cut to the rich. This just doesn't cut it Julie!

The Republicans have been in charge nationally since 1994. Have we lost jobs to other countries? Have real wages gone up? Has health care become more affordable?

This is where the 'WEDGIES' come in... (i.e. How to get people to vote against their best interests).


  • Abortion. Instead of fixing potholes, improving wages, fixing bridges, etc...Let's get people fired up over an issue best left to a woman and her Dr. Does anyone really believe that women should be kept barefoot and pregnant?
  • God. Foget God. Leave that for the churches. Just fix the potholes please.
  • Guns. Republicans named Brady and Bush passed the big bill I remember. Please fix the potholes. Don't mess with guns.
  • Gays. Wisconsin law already prevents gay marriage. What's the problem? Please fix the potholes.

Julie Pung Leschke. If you win you will be stuck with these wedgies. Deviate even slightly and you may suffer the fate of Kathleen Harris.

Being Republican means that any entity with 'Corp.' at the end of its name owns you.

Wisconsin has some of the highest personal taxes in the nation.

Wisconsin has some of the lowest corporate taxes in the nation.

If elected you will have to serve your corporate masters.

Now please excuse me while I go regurgitate.


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