Sunday, November 05, 2006

Write In RON HARDY for County Clerk


Join me in writing in Ron Hardy for County Clerk of Winnebago County.

Note that Sue Ertmer is running unopposed for County Clerk. Note that Sue Ertmer wholeheartedly endorsed spending Hundreds-of-thousands of Dollars for the flawed Diebold voting machines which didn't work properly in the September Primary Election.

Sue Ertmer was informed by many people that Diebold machines had problems and could be hacked in a minute by a high-schooler. She was asked to take a wait-and-see attitude but instead went full-steam ahead in spending taxpayer dollars.

Many in the community opposed this, not just Ron Hardy. Since Sue Ertmer is running unopposed chances are high that Ron Hardy won't affect the election.

Writing in Ron Hardy's name for County Clerk is a great way to send the message out about the flawed Diebold voting machines and the rushed bad decision to spend all that money on them.

On Tuesday
Write In

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Anonymous said...

Gary, while I understand your feelings on this issue, Sue Ertmer did not spend the money; the county board did.

I for one hope the bugs have been worked out and the machines work well tomorrow - especially for the sake of those who actually have to use them because of a disability.