Sunday, November 12, 2006

Politics, Warren Kraft, John Gard, Russ Feingold, Tommy Thompson, and Alfred E. Neuman

Warren Kraft still doesn't get it. The word arrogance has been used elsewhere. It's worse than that. He's figuratively 'flipping the bird' at the Wisconsin Attorney General's office. The only assumption can be that meetings are open and not the other way around. I wrote about this in late February and I stand by it. You can read it here.

John Gard did something no politician should do. Politicians make mistakes. Garrison Keillor used one before the election. It goes something like this: Never, never, never tell the voters that you are going to turn over a new page in politics next year. Back to John Gard now. It wasn't anything Gard said. It was something he did. Someone shot a picture of him in the back of a limo holding a can of beer. The darling of the Christian Right Wing drinking beer? No! It wasn't the beer. It was much worse than that. It was the brand of beer. It was that cheap rice beer made in Saint Louis. Missouri you say? Yes!

You can't run for political office in Wisconsin, talk about bringing jobs and industry to the state, and have your photo taken with an out-of-state beer in your hand! That pretty well wraps it up for Mr. Gard. Go here to see the photo.

Russ Feingold has announced that he will not run for president in 2008. It's all over the news. I think the more important news is about Tommy Thompson. Tommy's going to take a crack at the 2008 presidential race. He was in Iowa last Saturday for the Badger Hawkeye game. He was shaking hands with as many Iowans as he could. You can read about it here in the Capital Times.

Neither Russ Feingold nor Tommy Thompson will become president. Get used to it. Russ is a Jew. Tommy an Irish Catholic.

Presidents are older white males who can trace their roots to England. They don't call England the mother country for nothing. There are few presidents who don't fit this mold. Two had the last name Roosevelt. They were of Dutch ancestry. Another one was an Irish Catholic named Kennedy. He was murdered. Reagan was Irish but that was different. He was non-Catholic, in fact he rarely ever went to church.

A woman for president. Who's kidding who? A person of color?

Nothing will change until enough of us force that change.

I would like nothing more than to see retired General Powell and Barack Obama lead the major tickets in '08.

I don't want to end this on a bad note. Please go here to see the best use ever for that t-shirt that says: I'm With Stupid.


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