Monday, November 13, 2006

Train Death early Sunday morning

Jack Peterson was the fellow who was hit by the train. This developed from a conversation at the American Family Table Restaurant about 6am Sunday morning.

I knew Jack. He was one of those folks who wandered the streets of downtown. He was a quiet person who kept to himself most of the time, had mental issues, lived on token disability payments, and most recently lived at a rooming house on Broad Street. On occasion Jack would drink. Put that together with the time, bar closing time on a Saturday night, and Jack may have been coming from someone's house or a tavern. I bounced around the 'suicide word.' No one thinks that. The prevailing thought is that he tried to beat the train.

Jack was a nice person and went out of his way to help people at times. He would become confused and paranoid if he drank.

I understand that he was dragged a block or more along Washington to Waugoo Streets.

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