Sunday, November 05, 2006

News by the Numbers

A check of news sources and blogs tonight shows them making comparisons of dead people and their relationship to George Dubya Bush and his partner in crime Saddam Hussein.

I'm not going to make those comparisons. You are. I'm going to provide the numbers. You the reader can make any inference or interpretation you like.

140-plus: The number of dead Saddam is convicted of killing in his 9-month trial which will result in his death by hanging.

155: The number of people executed in the state of Texas during the reign of Governor George Dubya Bush.

655,000: The estimated number of Iraqis killed, most of them violently, since George Dubya Bush decided to illegally invade Iraq.

3,000: The number killed in New York City by some renegade without a country who was hiding in Afghanistan. I think his name was Osama.

My sole comment...

Hussein will hang. George and Osama are hiding under your bed.

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