Thursday, November 16, 2006

Father Carr's Place 2B Homeless Shelter

I have been asked lately why I haven't written about Fr. Carr's. My number one source of information recently died. I am getting some bits and pieces but not enough to warrant writing a column.

I can say that there were about ten people in the men's shelter 10 to 15 days ago. That is much better than two or three 2-years ago. Note that Fr. Carr has 75 rooms for men and another 75 for women and children. I have no information on the women's shelter. Also note that in the last year reported, Fr. Carr had collected $1.1 million!

There is a wonderful article in the Appleton Post Crescent, Nov.16, 2006, about the Emergency Shelter of the Fox Valley. You can read it here. It is a seventy-five bed facility at the max, and 65 people are currently housed there. It is full for all practical purposes and has a waiting list. The Appleton shelter was running a $200,000 shortfall in June and has been trying to catch up ever since. The J.J. Keller people have generously given a $50,000 challenge grant.

The Salvation Army shelter in Appleton is not in operation at this time. No reason given.

There you have it folks. The Appleton shelter is busting at the seams and apparently spending money on clients. The shelter in Oshkosh has twice as many rooms and is virtually dark at night.

I don't know quite what to say folks. If you or your church is planning on doing something for the homeless in Oshkosh you can contribute to the Christine Ann Center. Two more suggestions. The Captains at the Oshkosh Salvation Army have found ways to put people up. Father Steve from the Episcopal Church also has helped folks in a pinch. Consider those places for donations.

The St. Vincent de Paul Store on Bowen also works with the Red Cross on housing.


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Gary said...

Update: As of noon Saturday Nov.18, there were 12 residents in the men's shelter. Number in women's shelter unknown.

Total number of available rooms: 150.