Sunday, January 29, 2006

IS IT 2008 YET?

That was what the bumper-sticker said...spotted on Algoma and Jackson St. this morning.

Cheryl Hentz is in the news today. She scooped the Northwestern. Good for her. It is apparent to me from this terminal at the Oshkosh Public Library that blogging is changing the way that news is done. It may seem like slow change to some, but to others the change is abrupt and rocky at times. My own mini-revelation came when the Northwestern put a news item on page one about six days after I posted the same item on my blog. About December 27 I told how the Salvation Army bell-ringers had collected in excess of $113,000 in the kettles with more money to be counted. This was 'news' almost a week later in the Northwestern. Stew Reickman sez: "...Call us lazy, call us incompetent, call us corporate stooges...". Do I need to?


The Oshkosh Public Library now closes at 6pm on Fridays. Many haven't got the message and traffic is steady between 6 and 7 and folks are unhappy. The cheap shot is to stand by the entrance and remind people that someone has to pay for the Iraq War and those tax cuts for the rich.


Education about smoking might help, but the real education is at the transfer center for the Oshkosh Transit System. Our young impressionable children get to watch the bus drivers race off the bus between runs and light up. Would it be too hard to ban smoking on the transfer center property? This was done in Appleton. It works.

In Appleton

When the transfer center banned smoking the smokers went across the street to the Appleton Public Library to light up. Then the library banned smoking in the parking lot.

Oshkosh Public Library

Why is it that there is not one, but two big smelly ashtrays right by the entrance?

Any ideas folks?


AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

well, smoking takes money and it could be some sort of backwards way to get funding so they'll be open longer?
(this is a long shot)

Now, I won't mention any names, but the number of high schoolers smoking has gone up tremendously and I know for a fact that the Oshkosh Transit Center allowing smoking lets underage smokers in.
Occasionally they will have police, but it's obvious that they are there and they pass the cigarette on to an "adult" and look the other way as the cop goes by.
We are young, and we are impressionable, please do something, and not racing to nearly get into an accident.

Anonymous said...

Man....I would sooo love to debate you Gary. Funny how everyones so wrong and you are so right. You got all the answers. How nice it must be to live in your world. No war, no smokers, more libraries open day and night. Just peace. Do you have any idea how convoluted and unrealistic you sound?

Gary said...

To anonymous: Come out of your closet down there in Elkhorn (IP- Osama under your bed? How about the troops get out of Iraq and start looking for him? Smoking? I've done that...too much and too long. Libraries open day and night? Sure! Send Al Gore a thank you letter. He led the fight for public internet and THAT library is open 24/7!

Peace is a noble aim. Questions?

Anonymous said...

Tell me Gary, what should I ask questions when you will not answer the ones I ask. You take the time to find my ISP and then don't answer questions on your relationship with Angel. The rest of your drivel I will not qualify with a response. And It's Williams Bay, Not Elkhorn. See you soon.

AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

why should any questions such as his relationship to me be worthy of a response?
I know who you are and I am sad to say it sometimes too.
I do not know where you get off thinking all of these things about us but the misunderstanding has got to stop E. With both me and and Gary.

Williams bay huh? yeah, right!

AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

ps: your isp IS (
so come on out of the closet we all know who you are.

Really, E, if you want us to answer questions, I think it's only fair that you let the world know what you are doing and quit trolling.

Anonymous said...

I believe you have me mistaken for the eman. He's well known around here in Walworth County. He attends my Church and I also go to a mens breakfast with him on Sat. mornings. We have discussed you guys up there in Oshkosh and have differing views on your situation, obviously. My views are not his. His IP address is not mine either. Once again your facts are flawed. He and his band are playing up in your area this weekend. You should check him out. They're good. But I will take credit and responsibility for my posts Gary. I know of what I speak. See it every day. And yes, it is Williams Bay on Lake Geneva. My name is Steven Stehno. If you're mad at me fine. I see from his website you guys are friends, which I don't understand either, but no matter. Your differences are very clear and I wonder if he sees that. Interesting you think it's him though. We do not think alike at all. So I guess if need be I will sign my comments now. I don't need Eric hacked off at me.

Gary said...

One last time Mr. Anonymous: You have been posting on two Oshkosh blogs. You are personally known to the other blogger but not to me. Both bloggers use 'track-back' software. Comparing notes with the other blogger we find that only ONE IP address in your geographical area clicks on our blogs. It is YOU! Your IP# is listed above. You have internet service through the 'State Long Distance Telephone Company', use Windows XP (1024x768) and live in the Elkhorn area. Mr. Steven Stehno and YOU: Eric Graff (aka Eman) are the same person. More:
Eric Graff
W5928 Mariner Hills CT

Your obvious disdain for alternative lifestyles and your obvious untruths about your identity are blatant here and I will leave the above posts intact. They show a scary mentality.

Maybe you could join the Westboro Baptist Church and protest at funerals. Please go here:

Anonymous said...

steven...come out,come out wherever you are....