Thursday, January 05, 2006

Governor Doyle in Oshkosh

Mr. Doyle came to town today. The parking lot of the Oshkosh Public Library was jammed when I arrived a bit past noon. He was scheduled at noon, arrived at 12:30, did not apologize, and was met by an attentive crowd of 125. He gave a short list of accomplishments and then began taking questions. He was engaging, friendly, and relaxed. Folks wrote their questions on a form, an aide would call them by name, and they stood up and got to ask the question in person. He took the time to fully answer each question and reminded the crowd that he answers questions by mail too. He certainly is a political pro.

Doug Boone asked him about campaign finance reform. He gave a decent answer but not the answer you'd expect from someone who was adamant about it. Perfunctory...maybe lukewarm. I have been hearing about this subject for 30yrs, just hearing about it.

The P.A. system gave out at 12:55pm but most could still hear everything.

Things I learned...

Mr. Doyle's father grew up in a house about three blocks from the Oshkosh Public Library. That I never knew.

The Doyle administration has sold seven state airplanes. If I recall correctly the Wisconsin State Air Force had 29 planes. That would bring the number down to 22.


I quote Mr. Doyle. He used those words to describe the record profits of the five major oil companies in the quarter following Katrina. He reminded us there was never an oil shortage, no lines at the pumps. He compared the oil companies price gouging to a 'tax' none of us could afford.


Anonymous said...

I've emailed his office three times with questions he never answered. I couldn't make it today or I would have asked him to clarify the method I should use that will get an answer.

Gary said...

Let me clarify what went on today. There were forms on a table for asking questions. He answered some questions today. Mr. Doyle said that each and every question posed on the sheets would be answered provided that there was an address or email address on the form.

AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

I would have gone if I could.
I was in school, and I cant miss any more days, finals are in a week and I would fall too far behind.

Anyways, I heard he said "Hi" and thats kewl, "Hi" back to you :)

Now, what I dont understand is that how in the world can a thing like the largest profit in history (even with Katrina) goes largely unnoticed, but the miners in virginia are getting more attention.
What's with the distratction? It keeps eyes off of the truth and the truth is, I think theyre out to be the end of us.