Monday, January 16, 2006

Bringing the Martin Luther King Holiday Home

Who'd a thought...?

A gentleman from town is going to be slightly mad at me for posting this, but I can't resist. He drives a large white truck with 'Salvation Army' on the side. You may have encountered him over the years. He has today off. The Salvation Army recognizes the holiday and is closed. It was a year ago that I had a brief conversation with him. I asked him if it was a paid holiday. With a wide grin he said: "Yeah".

Four decades after "I have a dream...", this guy has the day off -and it's a paid day off to boot! Success is sometimes measured in small increments. This might be small or large depending on how you view it. It is definitely a great achievement.

Who'd a thought this possible in the city of Oshkosh in the early 1960's?

Who'd a thought...?

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