Thursday, January 19, 2006

May You Live in Interesting Times

Google has about 133,000 hits for the above term. I clicked on the first one and after ten minutes gave up. It may be Scottish in origin but also may be a Sci-Fi invention. The one thing it isn't: Chinese!

Lots of news...

Attendance at Father Carr's Mens Shelter over the weekend: about 11. The numbers increased by Monday and he housed about 20 men. My moles tell me that this is the largest number of men housed since the current shelter opened (Capacity 75-beds). I was also told that numbers were up in the Women's Shelter (same capacity), but I have no idea what 'up' means. This is good news. Desperate folks have a roof over their heads. Anyone who has checked job listings in the valley will note that the jobs are in Neenah, Menasha, and Appleton; not Oshkosh. I will continue to post, review, and update these numbers. Thanks to all that keep me informed.

I wish that Stew Reickman would begin blogging again. I enjoyed his writing. It gave a degree of depth to how his mind was working in regards to what went in the Northwestern. At the moment he appears to be putting to practical use the philosophy of Xavier Onassis. At various times in each one of our lives I think we all have used this modus operandi.

The first but not the last...

I am breaking this story. Remember you heard it here first. I have it on good authority but haven't tracked back on each part of it so will not be publishing many details today, just the skeleton outline. It is scary and will reverberate throughout the state.

A high school English student from Omro was given an assignment which involved the student picking their own source material. The student decided to use 'Mein Kampf'. A book on this was checked out from a library and internet sources were also used. (Reader: Please brace yourself.) 'A' national security agency called the student's parents and questioned why the student was studying this subject.

I'm going to leave it there today while the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you shiver. You won't hear the end of this one for quite a while. Is that what we want our tax dollars used for?



AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

This is not good. Makes me worry about what might happen to me when I decide to choose something "controversial".

Freedom of Speech?? I do not think it even exists anymore, not when high school students are being harassed.

Anonymous said...

As you probably have heard by now, Google is being asked by the government to hand over information on internet searches, to they say, help protect our children.

SOME Americans are responding to this situation with Acts of Intentional Googling.

For example, Googling the words "Asshole Bush" sends vital data to the NSA, FBI and other alphabetically inclined organizations while providing comic relief for abused citizens in the form of entertaining websites. Protesting has never been so easy.

Gary said...

Hi Jody. I would like to talk to you personally. Babblemur has an email address for me. I am looking forward to a private conversation, just you, me, and the NSA.
Someday I'll stop by and have coffee and conversation on my way to Lake Wobegon.

Anonymous said...

I for one ( and I know that I can speak for many) am more than happy that someone is making sure that our citizens are safe. If that means that some high school kid and his family are asked a few questions, then so be it. If that high school student and family did some act of terrorism, I am sure Bush would be blamed for not knowing about it BEFORE it happened. - Wait a minute - didn't they say that there was information about 9/11 BEFORE it happened, but for some God forsaken reason did NOTHING to stop it? Oh that's right...that is Bush's fault too. My bad.
As far as AIG.....that should help keep those nosey FBI/CIA people off the track of the real danger! Good Thinkin!

Anonymous said...

Hillary: What did the he know and when did he know it?
Bush: I'm sorry I don't recall (Why not? It worked for her for 8 years!!!)
What are you worried about?
What are you doing that the Gov. might want to know or come after you?
You know, I'm willing to give up some liberties for a period of time so this war can be won and Johhny and Jane can come marching home. You want no tools to fight, no one to die, no ability to know what goes on here but if the Sears tower falls tomorrow, who you going to blame? Surely not the kook fringe liberal loonies that don't want and drilling for oil or war or brave souls dying so you can call them baby killers. No...You'll blame Bush.
You are scarry dude. You have no concept what it takes to win a war. No concept of what was really done to us and a very convienent loos of memory. Die if you want to infidel!! As for me and my family, we'll do the work so you can whine about Wal-mart and soda prices. My God man you ARE LOST!!!

Anonymous said...

someone has their panties in a bundle...

Anonymous said...

That is EXACTLY what I want my tax dollars spent on!!!!!
I'll even chip in more, just tell me where!