Sunday, January 22, 2006


Unfinished business...
There will be some answers to the Mein Kampf / Omro item in my column later this week, possibly Thursday or Friday. Stay tuned.

I heard this next story on the streets downtown Saturday. Funny how little it takes to amuse me. A mentally challenged man who wanders around downtown is the focus of this. He has a beard and a large belly which precedes him by quite a distance. OK. He looks quite pregnant. He needed to do some shopping Friday and found an individual who would take him out to the bright lights and sounds of the frontage roads of Hy. 41. While going down Koeller he remembered he needed a 12-pack of Pepsi. Copp's being handy the driver offered to stop there. "No, no", was the reply. "Take me to Mall-Wart. It's cheaper there." The driver navigated over '41 at 9th St. and pulled into the parking lot. A 1/2-mile walk later they arrived at the Pepsi display and trudged back toward the checkout. Nearing the van he exclaimed what a rip-off it was...over 4-bucks for a 12-er of Pepsi with tax. The driver looked over the receipt: $3.88 plus tax. They sat in the van for a few minutes and having no where to go---and all day to do it in, got out and trekked the 1/2-mile back to the Pepsi display, receipt in hand. Sure enough the sign said $3.88 and not the $2.88 they imagined. They left Mall-Wart. The mentally challenged man has pretty good control of his wallet and knew he had paid far too much for the soda. He's not so sure he'll go to Mall-Wart anymore.

The moral: Even folks with half a brain know they aren't getting any deals at Mall-Wart.

A quick check of this morning's Northwestern shows those Pepsi 12-packs are $2.50 over at Target. Don't get trampled in the rush.

Those of us with slightly more than half a brain, (I hope this includes me), realize that when the Mall-Wart supercenter opened, about 250 local people lost their health insurance, i.e. the employees of Cub Foods and the Pig by the airport. At Wal-Mart a very low percentage have their high-priced, low payout health plan.

The net result of this is that some folks are not receiving needed health care and the ones that do are unable to pay. This forces health costs upwards.

Remind a Wal-Mart employee that changes are possible. Have them contact Grant Withers at the local office of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). It's in the phone book.


OshkoshLifer said...

OshkoshLifer said...

Thanks for the support.

There is something new in oshkosh:

1-At the library today, there were 7 of us that are or were homeless working the computers. It is amazing to see my friends feel like they are finally being listened to. Oshkosh must have the best library in the whole state.The staff has great patience teaching us the basics about the computer and helping us create a blog or responding to a blog comment.

2-The other big change is over at Salvation Army -we feel valued and safe. The surveys we are all filling out might really lead to change. We must keep telling our friends to come by and fill these out.

New topic:
1-Are the Oshkosh police really following up on written complaints they have received in the last few weeks. Will they follow up on our complaints as much as a complaint that comes from folks that live on Washington Ave or Algoma Ave.

2-What about the D.A.? Is he doing everything possible to get himself elected as judge so that he doesn't have to be the one to file charges against Mr.Carr. If he really was a man of courage and conviction, he would announce that he is seriously looking into multiple claims thata people in the community are making. I think this issue should be the deciding factor for voting for him or not.
Please, Mr Lennon stand up and help this community. The people that have been brave enough to stand up, sign there names to these complaints, are really the unsong heroes. We all must give support to these brave members of our community.

There are three of us in this active group of bloggers that actually were born and raised in Oshkosh. For most of us, we have been hard working tax paying members of this community. Our families brought us up to be good citizens, to contribute and volunteer to help others and to attend a church.

In the last few years, each of us have been victimized in one way or another in this community. In two cases, we had long term good jobs in companies in Oshkosh and then they went down and so did we. We have found it better to get services for our wives and kids by getting divorced. For sure, atleast in our homeless shelters in Oshkosh, this has been the way to protect our families. One of our families has actually been living in the town motel because Mr Carr won't open his beds to them.

I'm asking all the wonderful people of Oshkosh who give money to Mr Carr, to simply sit down with him and ask him a few questions about occupancy, about his control issues, and then his refusal to work with community agencies that could help the homeless with many of our complicated issues. You know the very same people are paying taxes and give donations to these other services and agencies around town. Guess what, Mr Carr never refers homeless people to these agencies.

We now have the names of four people who give big sums of money to Mr Carr each year. Each of these people have gone to Mr Carr and asked him some very tough questions --he has refused to answer, refused their requests to be accountable and all four have stopped giving money to Mr Carr.

We are not trying to hurt Mr Carr. We are only trying to help him be accountable and truthful to the citizens of Oshkosh. He has built some wonderful facilities and deserves alot of credit. However, times have changed for all of us and Mr Carr is no longer meeting any needs of the Oshkosh homeless. His facitilies are too good, too big to be serving only 2-10 people per nite.

He might run a good clinic and he might be a good partner in this situation. I really don't know but I hear good things.

Mr Carr isn't the only one that needs to step up to the plate. Each week , we hope to give you actual detail of where some agencies and some of our leaders are dropping the ball. From the Chamber to the Housing Authority to the City Community Development Office on Housing, to the police and the D.A., to the Oshkosh Public Schools to the Oskosh Foundation and to the University, to landlords and to all those churches that collect and send money to Mr Carr, we all play a role. We must take a good look at ourselves and then take a good look at others in the community. We need to ask the tough questions. We have the resources in this town, we have the good people in this town and all we need is to force people to work together. Nothing can stop us! That is nothing can stop us, unless we really need the poor to exist! Do you need the poor to exist and be further victimized so that you can feel better than some one? I think we are better than that -let's make history. The time is now!

We need your help, we need your actual life experiences, we need your leads and information. There are alot of pieces to this puzzle.

The truth of the matter, the vast majority of the citizens in this town are kind, proud, very respectful, and even generous people. From the bottom of my heart, I believe if all of us ask everyone the questions that need to be asked and answered, this town would rock!
Yes, business might want to come to Oshkosh because of the way we take care of own!

Have a good evening and tomorrow, think about the work of another Martin, Martin Luther King. He gave us permission to stand up, to work together and gave us our power back to be bnetter citizens and better communities, helping each other to be healthy, and supportive of each other. WE must stand up together and demand change!

We have something going that this town has never seen before. Let's help each other.

Anonymous said...

Oh please stop your whining about wallmart. you are just jealous your last name is'nt walton.

Anonymous said...


I like what this guy is saying!