Thursday, February 02, 2006

Art Walk on Saturday

It's the first Saturday of the month. Time for Art Walk in downtown Oshkosh. If you have never been to the Art Walk this is your chance to see and be seen. It is unpredictable, boring, eye-catching, new, old, sometimes shocking; and just plain fun to nose around all of these old downtown stores. It is so pleasant to see cars parked everywhere on an early Saturday evening, the sidewalks busy with folks wandering from store to store. Each Art Walk has 20 to 25 different locations and maps can be found in store windows or by asking for one. It is of course free.

Keep your eyes open. Something tells me that people running for city council may be around on Saturday. I would suggest that the candidates who did not have their picture publicized should wear name tags, large ones. (Paying attention Mary?) This is your chance to meet current members and possibly future members of the council.

It runs from 6-9pm Saturday night. Enjoy the evening.

Next Tuesday there is a concert at the Congregational Church downtown. The concert begins promptly at noon with a soup and sandwich lunch to follow (donation). This is always a treat and the food is fantastic. This is open to the public. Be there! For more go here:

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