Monday, January 16, 2006

Poem for Gary

Yes Rachel. I get the subtle hint. Damn. You are so eloquent...

Captive Man
His hands in the dim light of a slow death
tremble at the need of a deceitful sin.
A captive man until his final breath,
He'll do it again and again.
Captive man, if I could
I would set you free
Captive man, if you would
please turn and flee
you would and should
If only...
In the other room I hear death at the door
The captive sooner to be free
I hear labored breathing and coughing
Captive man, no more excuses from you anymore
Your death at the hands of the pleasing soft glow
Will also be mine from loneliness
I just want to let you know
If only you would stop NOW
Then there would be none of this!
written on Jan 15, 2006 by Rachel Chapin Aka Angel Aiken


Anonymous said...

"eloquent" huh, Gary?? Sounds more like you got the hots for this little poem writer!!

AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

Gary is a good friend of mine and I am frustrated at many different things going wrong in my world and sometimes I write about them.


My friend, Bill Rieger from a band called Apologetix has recently decided to retire, and slowly in the last while I have been losing friends to their ages and I fear I will be left alone young.

So I am sorry anonomous, but you are dead wrong, I am in love with someone else. Now what else do you want to know, my name my number????

As for the rest, I want you to know that I really am not a writer, I dont know where this stuff comes from, I just sit down and write it you know????
I am glad Gary liked it thank you very much!

"you dont need to be understood, just accepted"-Babblemur!-

AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

See, what you need to really get is what I am saying and nothing else.

Do you know what I am trying to say?

I know Gary does.

babblemur said...

I think its a great poem, angelaiken. It even makes ME want to quit smoking!!!

AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

wonderfull, I am glad!

It bothers me the still ever deceptive way that smoking creeps into one's life. Often time it's when you are a teen when you are first pressured into trying but then you cant quit.That's what happened to Persick and I feel so much for her, it happened to the grandfather I never knew, it's affecting my uncles and a whole lot of people around me and I just want to set them all free, so that they dont have to endure the slow painfull death and they will be around for a few more years,
I dont want to be alone.

I am glad you like it and you know what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rachel,
That first comment from me was really only supposed to be a joke. I totally understand the situation you find yourself in. Namely, having friends who are for the most part older than you and then they die off. Just last year I lost a very dear friend of mine to old age so, again I am sorry if my attempt at humor hurt you. It surely wasn't meant too. Now if I only had the guts to tell you who I really am. Maybe someday. I, like many others,find it easier to hide behind the identity of "anonymous". I really like your friend Gary too and hate to admit it but, get jealous sometimes. That's all I'm gonna say for now as I feel I already said too much!!

AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

Believe it or not, I sometimes am a little jealous of you myself!

I already know who you are, you dont have to tell me...

You didnt hurt me, but I had to set the record straight before anyone got the wrong idea...
I am underage so therefore, no matter what I may feel, I need to have friends and only that.

I understand you totally for wanting to stay anonomous.


AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

I never had any friends in my life, theyve all been other ways and now I need to know what a friend is.