Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Bryan Bain's 5th Tuesday Forum will be held Tuesday night at the Grand Theatre. There will be informal tours afterward. Bryan is working hard to do a good job for Oshkosh. If you have a concern make sure to attend. I don't think he has a solution for the wasps but you could ask. (My solution is to use a dryer sheet. Wipe it on your arms and neck.) Go here:

Wednesday evening at 6pm be at the sundial. This is the kick-off for the local 'bring the troops home' referendum. There will be speakers (and a few more wasps). About 3,000 signatures will be needed in sixty days. Paul Esslinger will be speaking. He may/may not be in favor of the referendum BUT he is very much in favor of using the referendum as a tool to gauge public sentiment. Thank you Paul. Go here:

Wednesday night brings the band LIFEHOUSE to the Leach. This show is part of the PMI series. If you can't make it, they will be appearing on Jay Leno's Tonight Show on September 6. Go here: http://www.lifehousemusic.com

Thursday afternoon around 5pm be at the sundial. The Fox Jazz Fest begins. This will be the first of two nights of Jazz in Oshkosh. The first night will be at Peace Park (OK. Opera House Square) Go here:

Thursday night brings Rick Springfield to the Leach Amphitheater. Go here:

Friday night the Fox Jazz Fest moves to the Leach. Be there early. The music starts around 5. Remember, the Jazz Fest is FREE!

Friday night will also be the last movie of the series at Peace Park. Bring the kids and a blanket (no chairs please) and enjoy a free bag of popcorn. National Treasure-starring Nicholas Cage is the feature. Go here:

Don't forget the ART WALK downtown Saturday night from 6-9pm.

Last but not least remember to stop by the official Labor Day picnic at South Park on Monday. This reminds us what Labor Day is about.

Please check back this week for updates.


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Anonymous said...

The local 'bring the troops home' referendum would be a waste. Lets support George. He knows what he is doing. George is a great patriot.