Monday, August 08, 2005

Dog Days

I enjoy picking up the Scene Magazine, -you know, the free one at the exit of many stores. The Scene is an excellent local rag. It reminds me of reading Isthmus in Madison in the early 70's. Isthmus has become a bit stale and mainstream. The Scene is better reading in 2005 than Madison's Isthmus. It is much more edgy than Isthmus. I hope it stays that way.

Great concert last Thursday at the Leach. The band before Pat Benatar had the most atrocious engineering imaginable. The EQ was way out of discernable bass, screamy screechy highs with distortion where no distortion belonged. I can't comment on the band. The engineer simply did them in. The sound was excellent from the moment Benatar began.

The Downtown Art Walk was great last Saturday. Once the sun began to dip in the west the streets rapidly became full. The drums by the sundial were really cooking up a storm. It was an extremely professional performance.

Internet chatter about peak oil continues to reverberate daily with talk about $5 per gallon gasoline this winter and much more. My favorites of the last week are these...

This last one I check almost every day:

or it's mirror site:

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