Thursday, August 18, 2005


This is old news but gets better every time I think about it. Tom Breuer of the Valley Scene monthly rag sez we got it all wrong with the new Wisconsin state quarter. He thinks that it should've just said: 25-cents off all taps and rail. It would become the most popular of all the state quarters. That even beats my idea, which was to put the view of the Wisconsin River at Ferry Bluff looking downriver towards Wisconsin's only public optional-clothes beach. That view has been shown on TV too many times to count. It flashes by on the state tourism ad, is never identified, and then the phone is given: 1-800-432-trip.
This is the view:

Doug B. of Oshkosh passed this next thing on to me. It is a new state law soon to be introduced in Wisconsin. It asks simply that all returning veterans be required to take a test to see if they have absorbed any depleted uranium while in Iraq. Great idea. In retrospect this would have been helpful concerning Agent Orange/Viet Nam.

This may shorten the Iraq morass. Iraqis have seen a seven-fold rise in childhood cancers and birth defects since the Bush League follies have begun. Go here:

RENSE is a site worth bookmarking.

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