Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Honor the Dead?

Late note ...While at the Pat Benatar concert at the Leach I had occasion to use the $675,000.00 facilities. They are nice and the lines moved fast enough. The lines did not move fast enough for some of the patrons who decided to use a bank of port-a-potties nearby. Yes. There are not enough restrooms there. Huh?

I ran into my 88yr.-young friend Millie in the Oshkosh Public Library newspaper room today. She was reading the Chicago Tribune, an article on the high cost of dying, and complaining about the cost. Millie sez: "I can just go to Iraq. Then I won't need a funeral."

Iraq just doesn't seem to be working out. Maybe we can iron out the problems so we can get it right in Iran.

Excellent article today in Truthout about Cindy Sheehan down near the Bush estate. Note that I will not call it a ranch. A ranch has animals.

Life is good. In fact life is great for the folks in the Saudi Arabia area. Money everywhere. Good times. Life just couldn't be any better. Go here:


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