Monday, August 01, 2005

Drugs, Murder, and Armored Vehicles

Wow! CAFTA passed by two votes. Yippee! This has got some people dancing in the streets. Those 'Some People' are the owners of the large pharmaceutical concerns. This is amazing news. Somewhere in the Central American Free Trade Agreement is fine print which calls for drugs distributed in Central America to be of the brand name Rx-type. That's right folks. No generic drugs for you!

This is a death sentence for hundreds of thousands of humans from south of the border. How in the hell could anyone with any kind of a conscience legislate the murder of incredible numbers of people?

To understand this story of murder by slime-ball con artists filling their pockets with money go here:

Did I mention that one of the largest Rx concerns in the world (Eli Lilly) is owned by the Republicans including the Bush and Quayle families and friends? These pieces of slime are murderers...period.

Winnebago County has purchased an armored vehicle...value $180,000.00. Something to do with Homeland Security. Portholes for guns, and all the trimmings. Just who are they going to use this on??? They apparently used this twice already. Are the terrorists that close to Oshkosh?



Mary Ann said...

Wow Gary you didn't mince words this time. Hope "big brother" doesn't show up on your doorstep, for your sake.

Gary said...

Thank you Mary Ann. That's nice of you to offer to put up 50-Bucks for my bail, --but they only do that in the good old U.S.A. I said 'The Good OLD U.S.A.'

This is the NEW U.S.A. and some people just disappear without a trace.

Sure you don't want to go see Pat Benetar?