Friday, August 12, 2005

The Fair month of August

I have been a fan of the state fair since I was a kid. I have missed the Wisconsin State Fair less than a handful of times in my life. County fairs are wonderful but there is something magical about going to West Allis and chowing down all day...The New Berlin Lion's Club Corn Roast, Sheboygan Brats, roast pig on the spit, pig races, and of course creme puffs.

My favorite for many years was an indoor petting zoo. Every year someone brought a pair of the world's largest rats. The latin name begins with a 'C'. Their names were Fred and Ethyl. They were 60-70lbs. ---not something you wish to see in the wild.

The Fighting Bob Fest is coming September 10 at the Baraboo Fairgrounds. Several people from the Oshkosh area are going including me. If you would like to carpool/drive/ride feel welcome to come along. About 4,000 folks did that last year making it larger than any political gathering in Wisconsin in years. They expect more this year. The all-star line-up is:

Social Security is 70 on Sunday. Many do not know that it had it's roots in Wisconsin. Go here:

My oh my---Have you filled your tank lately? Gas is still about a nickel a gallon in Bagdad. Somewhere between there and here a middleman takes a cut. I found the middleman. Pass this on to your friends so they know who gets the money:

To the death.

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Would that be an RUS?