Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"GIMME A 'W'..."


I have been a Steve Bradenton fan for a while. He does great work.

Dubya went to the reddest state in the union, Utah, and the Mormons hit the fan. The Mayor of Salt Lake City spoke at an anti-war rally a few blocks away from Bush. Sorry King George but the most Republican state in the country has something to say to you about this sorry war. It was the largest protest in Utah since 1991 previous to the Bush-Daddy War. Mormon friends tell me there is a lot of division among their members over this war.

Pat Robertson should hang it up. When we have a 'so-called' church leader calling for the assassination of a country's leader that's gone way-way over any line of taste, ---much less morals. Robertson should be sent to Texas and executed. Whoops! I'm just kidding. I don't believe in capital punishment. Maybe we should just send Robertson down to Florida and have him room with Joe Paulus. Paulus could get some religion and teach Robertson the fine art of lawn maintainance. I'm sure it's hotter than Hell down there.

Day Ja Beer news is that the UW-Madison is the Nation's party school all over again. So what else is new? Quite a bit. Here is your chance to drink and get paid for it. The Beer Man is gone from the Post Crescent. Rumor has it that he is filing for disability against Gannett, fell off his bar-stool and can't get up...or sober up. {Remember these key words: 1)rumor 2)blog}

At any rate here is your chance to get a new part time job. Go here:

Now all you women go apply for the job as 'BEERMAN'. Think they'll hire you?

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AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

yeah, Christians try to bring people to god but Pat, I dont know what he was thinking but that isnt gonna do it.

For the record Jesus is a Pacifist(and excuse me if I spelled that wrong.) He said if someone strikes you then turn the other cheek to him.

So why are we, the body of Christ the image of Christ giving Christ a false name and false identity.