Friday, September 09, 2005


Seen on the streets of Oshkosh...---a t-shirt that says:


FIGHTING BOB FEST is Saturday. There is still room on the (free) bus which departs from the sundial at 8am. The Fest is also free. Suggested donation is $5 for the bus (still cheap) and $10 for the Fest (a deal at any price). Go here to learn more:

"Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans,
And miss it each night and day?"
Satchmo did in 1946 and it was re-recorded many times to this day. From the movie "New Orleans":

Monument to Disaster:

Notes on an EMS Conference held in New Orleans:

What do others think? Find out what the Germans think of us along with selected worldwide news at the English version of the German News site - 'Der Spiegel':


A GREAT PRESIDENT WOULD see the current situation in New Orleans as an opportunity to turn a great tragedy into a world revered triumph. A new city, built for a new century, a shining star that would bring tourists from around the world. A place geared for walking, public transportation, mopeds, bicycles, scooters, and skate boards. A city with solar panels for a skyline, sewerless compost toilets, public free wireless internet...the list could go on and on but I'm sure you get the idea. Jobs-jobs-jobs for architects, innovative city planners, and anyone with ambition. A premier showplace of a new city for a new century and a President with his legacy firmly planted in the new history books.

Mr. Bush is not a great president. He is not a good president. He is not even a mediocre president. He is listening to the gloom and doom of the Grover Norquist bunch and will be relegated to the history books as a moron.

Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin disappeared some years back when the Kickapoo River rose above it. An alert president saw an opportunity and jumped at it. The Feds pumped several million dollars into moving the berg a few blocks over onto higher land and took the cutting edge solar power of the day and had all of the businesses install it. Jimmy Carter was the president and the year was 1978. It took four years to complete this new town nick-named 'Solar Town,USA'. The 550 residents of this sleepy little community in southwestern Wisconsin kept that sense of community and eventually saved a bundle of money.

To the best of my knowledge the natural gas furnace installed at the Soldiers Grove grocery store has NEVER kicked in! It was put in for back-up but has never been used. The grocery uses several energy saving devices including massive solar panels on the roof and devices which re-direct heat from the refrigeration unit coils to heat the store in winter.

Humanitarian Jimmy Carter is a hero to me. He was willing to try new things. That's what it means to be called a political 'Progressive'. (I'm one. How about you?) Go here:


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