Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I went to a meeting at the Oshkosh Public Library concerning this subject last week. What an age range! The origins of thought cover a greater range than I could've first imagined. There are as many reasons for ending this Iraq quagmire as the made-up and lying reasons that got us there in the first place. There were new faces...ones I hadn't seen before. There is room for a lot more faces and ideas to keep pressure on the government at ALL levels to put an end to this war.

The next meeting will be held on August 3 at 7pm at the Oshkosh Public Library. I'm going to be there if I can. I appeal to anyone who reads this to please join me and others in this worthwhile endeavor.

The reasons are endless. Here are a few of mine...

The Republican Conservative lower taxes/less government one: The Iraq Quagmire is costing at least 1 and 1/3 billion dollars per week. END IT.

What about Truck? Oshkosh Truck is great. I believe that the government should shell out much more money to Truck---much more of our tax dollars. Truck can retool and build windmills and solar panels. We need a crash public infusion of tax dollars that would make FDR and the New Deal a flash in the pan. Let's spend enough money to make the U.S. the leader on the planet in preparing for the eventual demise of the oil industry. Let's make the U.S. the cheapest place on Earth to make a widget, -and with cheap energy the standard of living could remain high.

The editorial staff at the Northwestern takes the "Cobblestoner's Award" for their backward stance on the Iraq mess. COME ON! This has lasted almost as long as WWII. We don't need perpetual war...or even the 12-year long war I keep reading about.

The Northwestern is a bit boring when a person can read Doug Thompson:

Doug Boone is doing quite a job collecting signatures to bring the troops home. His peace petition is getting an excellent response. I have helped him a few times over at the Leach, where he sets up a few tables before the concerts. It is fascinating to see folks stop on a hot summer night, rushing to make the 7pm deadline for lower priced tickets, and take the time to sign the petition. About 1,500 have done so. The comments are simple, to the point, and reflect Oshkosh quite well. The fellow who served in Gulf War I and just came back from serving again. He said: "get out now, a civil war is starting" "we had no business being there". The couple who is irate about the recruiter who is talking to their son and promising more than he can deliver. Disgusted traditional Republicans who are tired of Bush's crap.

Want to help? Come to the Leach Thursday around 5pm. You can hear those responses for yourself.

Come to the Leach Thursday to hear some good blues. It should be a great concert. The Guess Who put on a great show last week. They announced that the band has had over 50-members in its history. They are tight and not in the has-been category.

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