Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Leach

The Leach Amphitheater is open. I am hesitant to make remarks but I have a few questions/comments.

1) It is my understanding that this piece of land was destined to be used for low-income housing.

2) The 800lb. Gorilla is in the form of a diesel locomotive---and people are deathly afraid to talk about gorillas.

3) Waterfest background. Thursday was picked for several reasons, one being that major acts might be in Chicago, Milwaukee, or the Twin-cities on the weekend, and might be convinced to come to Oshkosh on a Thursday a bit cheaper to fill out their schedule. Well known national acts from days gone by (i.e. past their prime) often filled the bill. This made for an good package years ago. My question: Is this formula still as viable as it was 15yrs. ago?

I wish Waterfest the best. The ambiance of the boat traffic will be sorely missed.

What about Deep Throat? I defer to Matt Rothchild:

Kudos to City Council member Mr. Bain for his 5th Tuesday Forum. I admire what he is doing.

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Bryan L. Bain said...

Gary, thank you for the comments regarding the Fifth Tuesday Forum. If you'd like to see the notes from the forum, I have posted them on my website at Thanks again!

Bryan L. Bain