Thursday, June 09, 2005

Democracy in Action

The Wisconsin State Democratic Convention is being held in Oshkosh this weekend. While they are in the Convention Center Saturday, a counter Convention of sorts will be happening in Riverside Park. You could say that there will be a lot of liberals inside and outside the convention. Yes. Liberals! They will proudly tell you that. There will be considerable agreement among the Democrats and the Greens. Many Democrats will take in the activities outside. There will be friendly sparring and heated disagreements too.

How did we get to this point in 2005?

This is a simple primer and it may me 'old hat' for some of you. For the goes.

Enter Fighting Bob. Robert M. LaFollette, a Wisconsin boy, became a County D.A., later Governor of Wisconsin, and later one of the most influential Senators in U.S. history. He did all this as a Republican. He was a capitalist with a conscience. He pushed for a Workmen's Comp. law here which 49 other states later copied. That later led to the nation's first Unemployment Insurance which even later led to what we now know as Social Security.

Fighting Bob was not so gently nudged from the Republican Party about a century ago. Corporate interests basically took the party over and there was no room for a "people's advocate". Fighting Bob finished his career as a Wisconsin "Progressive", ran for president and lost. His ideas are alive and flourishing 80yrs. after his death.

The corporate takeover of the Republican Party was fairly complete by 1910. Progressives supported Democrats in the 1930's (FDR). Democrat John F. Kennedy became President in 1960. The Corporate Republican Party decided at that time to take a different tact. They began giving big bucks to both Republicans and Democrats. That way they could attempt to control both parties and never lose.

At this time in 2005 Corporate interests control the Republican Party 100%, (as they have for 100 years), and they control over 70% of the Democratic Party.

This sets the stage for what is happening in Oshkosh this weekend.

-Republicans, as a party of the people, ended over a century ago. The G.O.P. means nothing to the common person.

-Democrats are sincere and for the common good, but corporate interests are playing havoc with the good sincere people in the party.

-Greens, Progressives, and many former Republicans are keenly aware of the crippling effect of those corporate interests and will be at Riverside Park Saturday afternoon.

Come and join the fray this weekend. It will be entertaining and informative.


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