Monday, June 13, 2005

A Rough Weekend

I heard the gendarmes tagged a few drunk drivers early today. Must've been a long weekend for these two...getting into a car accident very early on Monday. This happened on the south side around Oregon Street. The lady was driving one way, the guy was driving the other, and WHAMMO! Head on. Both were under the influence.

In other news, there is another large church picnic this coming weekend.

Dear readers: Should I have put both those items in the same paragraph, or are they okay just the way they are?

The Fighting Bob 150th birthday celebration is tomorrow in Madison. Fighting Bob Lafollette had a newsletter which he published while he held various offices. It was an important journal of the time. In a way it was quite like a mondern day blog. He printed items in his newsletter that the newspapers of the time wouldn't touch. LaFollette's Weekly, as it was sometimes called, eventually evolved into a daily newspaper and a monthly magazine. Almost a century later both are healthy and vital in society.

Madison's CAPITAL TIMES is the daily newspaper. It comes out in the afternoon, has lost circulation over the years, but still has a lot of clout---and a growing number of readers daily on the net. Capital is spelled with an 'A', (not the 'O' used in the building). The 'A' means it stands for $cash$.

THE PROGRESSIVE is the monthly magazine, international, with it's offices in downtown Madison.

The latest twist is a web site and a yearly fest. I was at the Fighting Bob Fest in Baraboo last September. I can't wait to go again.

Thanks goes to The Northwestern for printing the Downing Street Memo for everyone to see...I MEAN A BIG THANK YOU!

Who is Doug Thompson? What's his rant today? Go here:

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