Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Horse Apples

Wonderful parade in Oshkosh tonight. The real entertainment in a parade is watching the dazzled looks of the youngest spectators. The person next to me finally got off their cell phone after 2/3 of the parade was over...must have been an important call. No garbage trucks in the parade this year, but there was a honey wagon. HONEY WAGON? What the Hell is a honey wagon doing in a parade? The least they could've done is have the honey wagon follow the horses, AND NOT the other way around.

The occasion for the parade is the Miss Wisconsin Pageant. (Twilight Zone music: Is this really 2005, or just a bad dream?) Here it is folks...Ready...Aim...

Question: Why is the Miss Wisconsin Pageant held in Oshkosh?

Answer: Because no other Wisconsin city will put up with such tripe. (no pun intended)

Why are women putting up with this 'meat market' mentality in 2005? Maybe they could find a cardboard cutout of Bert Parks with the mike in his hand singing "There She Is....Miss America...". The Beetles are OK but no longer humorous, ---since most cars now are that small. Good to see Festival's Grocery Cart in the parade. (Notice that Mall-Wart contributes nothing to the community.)


The REPUBLICANS and DUBYA BUSH have decided to cut the funding for the COAST GUARD by one-half for 2006. This is a great way to encourage terrorists and drug smugglers. Ain't the Bush crowd great? Read it here:,1280,-5089293,00.html

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