Monday, June 06, 2005

Millie Does it Again

Millie is probably the most amazing person I have ever met in Oshkosh. She is petite, her eyes sparkle, and she is feisty as Hell. She became a vegetarian as a young adult...somewhere around 1935. She lived in Milwaukee in the 1960's and took part in countless protests and marches. She was acquainted with Father Groppi who organized many of those calls for social justice.

She has been in Oshkosh a long time and 'lives' with her books. A voracious reader, she is constantly giving away magazines with the admonishment: "Here. Read this and pass it on". Good ones like Wisconsin's own -The Progressive. She even came out to protest the coming Iraq war down at the sundial until the Dr. told her to slow it down a little. This past winter she bought and delivered a 10lb bag of ice-melt to the Winnebago Peace and Justice center. Not bad for a young lady of 88!

Millie did it again. She wrote another carefully crafted letter to the Northwestern and they were nice enough to print it. It is titled: Freedom, Justice and Danger Under Bush. It will be online at the Northwestern site this week. You can see it here...
If you miss it there, it was in the Sunday, June 5,2005 edition.

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