Monday, June 27, 2005


I have heard comments from several people lately about the retro black&white design of the new gendarmobiles. They all are running in the same vein..."leave it alone, keep 'em white" "menacing looking" "intimidating" "threatening". I wonder what others think?

Speaking of the gendarmes...They were at Riverside Park last night about midnight. Two cars, lights blazing, motors running; (translated: $two officers$, $insurance$ and $gasoline$ on two $cars$---you get the picture). They woke a homeless guy out of a sound sleep to tell him he shouldn't be sleeping there. My initial thought is 'How much crime can a sleeping person commit?' and wouldn't it be more effective for them to keep an eye on people that are awake? That doesn't end the story. They came back at 4am and went through the whole procedure again. Both times they asked him for his address.

Let me repeat that. BOTH TIMES THEY ASKED HIM FOR HIS ADDRESS. Thank you. Tonight I'm sure he will find a different tree to sleep under. He was not cited. Congrats to the gendarmes on duty.

A thought. For the $$$$ spent on those two stops last night the city probably could've hired that guy to guard the park for a month.

John Lemberger wrote another great letter which was published in the Northwestern today. He briefly mentioned the origins of NAFTA and GAP, the free trade agreements that have sent our jobs flying out of the country. Please note that those were Republican programs that were opposed by Democrats. Many Democrats were flabbergasted when Mr. Clinton crossed over and signed on to NAFTA and GAP. John is right on when he refers to Clinton as 'Republican Lite'. Thanks to these Corporate Republicans (with the help of Clinton) all of these jobs have left the country.

A local (loco) letter writer awhile back blamed Clinton for the whole mess. His name: DENNIS EHRENBERG. Dear Dennis Ehrenberg: It was a Republican idea from the beginning and still is a Republican idea. Get used to it Dennis. REPUBLICAN/NIXON/PAULUS. Yes Dennis. Great names and ideas all together in the same paragraph.

Now we have CAFTA, the Central American Free Trade Agreement, another great REPUBLICAN/BUSH/CHENEY etc. thing that will continue to lower our standard of living. Would someone tell Mr. Ehrenberg that we are watching him and he better take the time to document his next letter to the paper?


tony palmeri said...

The last two Democratic nominees for President, Al Gore and John Kerry, are strong NAFTA supporters. Howard Dean supported it in 1993 and then changed his position.

It would be nice for the Democratic party apparatus to get behind candidates like Kucinich and Gephardt who were against the trade deals from the beginning. But as you've suggested in your previous posts, Gary, the corporate takeover of the establishment parties makes that extremely unlikely.

Assuming Hillary is the Dem nominee in 2008, I believe she too is a strong NAFTA and GATT supporter. --Tony

Anonymous said...

For good sensible advice on NAFTA adn CAFTA check out the John Birch Siciety website.