Monday, June 20, 2005

Pulling Out of Iraq

Headline today. Bush Says: Pulling Out of Iraq not an Option.
I say: Withdrawal is something Bush's father should've done some 58yrs ago.

Oil prices neared $60 a barrel today. Republicans blocked a bill promoting alternative energy last week. So what else is new.

Jim Genisio, whom I greatly admire, wrote another great letter to the Northwestern. "Bush daughters could help recruiting by enlisting." Whatever Jim is smoking...I want some of that! You can read it here:

Jim writes from a religious perspective. I admire another religious writer, William Wineke, who has been at the Wisconsin State Journal forever. Bill is an ordained United Church of Christ minister who has used his talents to run the Wisconsin Rescue Mission in Madison for many years. A fellow who attended Sunday Services there for many years told me that he went there for the entertainment value, i.e. the ushers doubled as bouncers! Bill Wineke wrote this challenging column: "No Easy Answers for Iraq".

Dave Zweifel of Madison's Capital Times writes: "We've Seen Enough to Impeach Bush". Read it here:

Doug Thompson runs Washington D.C.'s oldest and best known blog: Capitol Hill Blue. A former Republican, he claims no party affiliation now and his latest rant is titled: TIME TO IMPEACH A WAR CRIMINAL!!! I'll second that. Read his rant here:

To those who think I'm a 'Bush Basher'...Shut up and go fill up your gas tank. Leave the pump on and I'll be in line right behind you. Pay the bill for both of us and 'have a great day'.

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