Friday, March 16, 2007

On the Edge of Town

Spent some time west of town on the lake. Serene, calm, late winter provides a bleak landscape from which emerges signs of a brighter season. Went to feed the birds at sunup, but waited while three young healthy bambi's wandered through and foraged a bit. The deer were pretty against the backdrop of remaining snow, gentle and ever watchful. The bluejays were first, scaring away all others. Then the robins, cardinals, and yellow finches and more including gray squirrels working the ground under the feeder. All disappeared and when I looked to the sky I saw a red-tailed hawk and then a second.

My return around sunset brought with it a couple more deer who by straining their necks managed to eat what was left on the feeder.

Box-elder bugs are active in the house. I pick them up on paper and deposit them in the garage. They are so pretty with the orange-red markings on their wings. They resemble roaches but are inane and not scary at all. As a child I used to play with them and watch them for hours.

Spring is coming...sometime. An old jazz tune travels through my mind: "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most".


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