Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fr. Carr's Place 2B

Father Carr's Homeless Shelter: number of people using the facilities in the past month.

Note that these numbers are not exact. They are not pinned down to the exact date. This is to allow users of the shelter to remain anonymous. If they were found to have 'leaked' information to someone outside the property they would probably be on the street within the hour. I use the Watergate style of collecting information, i.e. three separate sources as a rule and two sources if they have been 100% reliable in the past.

Men's Shelter...
Population: 14. Shelter capacity: 75.

Women and Children's Shelter...
Population: 7. Shelter capacity: 75.

Note that the women's shelter also houses a dozen nuns. They are from another country and are attending school in Oshkosh. I have it on good authority that the relations between the nuns and the women staying in the shelter is very stressed of late.

Father Carr has not been well. He was in the hospital weeks ago. One leg was amputated below the knee.

What follows today should be taken with a grain of salt.

I use track-back software on this blog. I don't hide it. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the number in the box. Stat-Counter tells me a lot about the readers of my blog. Much of it is rather mundane. Then again it brings more questions than answers.

About two weeks ago someone Googled this: ["father carr's place" oshkosh].

I 'drilled down' to get more detailed info...
Host Name: WDCsun17.usdoj.gov
IP number: 149.101.?.???

This computer is located in Potomac, Maryland. It was someone from the United States Department of Justice. They spent exactly 20 minutes and 40 seconds reading previous columns I had written about Father Carr.

What does this tell me? Someone from the U.S. Dept. of Justice is investigating Father Carr? Someone with ties to the Oshkosh area who works for the Dept. of Justice put Father Carr's name in the search engine while eating lunch and doodling at the computer? The latter one sounds more likely to me. Let's hope it isn't the first. (I do not wish to get that employee in trouble. I have the exact IP-number but entered 'question marks' for the last four digits.)

Like I said. Take it with a grain of salt.

What happens now? Tomorrow someone from the U.S. Dept. of Justice will Google [ u.s. dept. of justice ]. They will find this blog-post at the top of the list.

They will 'click' on it and read it.

Tomorrow night my trackback software will tell me they did.

So what and who gives a rat's behind?



Anonymous said...


That same server address visited my foundation's website, AutismMedia.org... but here's the freaky thing. The web stat was line-item deleted from my visitation stats two weeks later.

Who could do that???

They visited six pages and downloaded 13.70 MB of our videos. Now that record is gone.


Anonymous said...

They visited my site too. I have my political views. This is "DANGEROUS!" you know...

US Dept of Justice
District of Columbia