Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Living Healthy Clinic Loses Grant

The UWO Living Healthy Clinic, located at Doctor's Court (off Bowen St.) was to receive a $150,000 'earmark' from the Federal Government. An 'earmark' is an amendment tacked on to the end of a bill. Earmarks may or may not relate to the main bill, but may appease a lawmaker. In this case Sen. Herb Kohl (D) pushed for the money.

I attempted to follow through on the bill (Health and Human Services #109-HR5647) and found that the Republicans had stalled it for three months. That was September 2006. I do not understand the web site well enough to proceed further.

At any rate I needed to go to the clinic, (an off-shoot of the UWO Nursing Program), the other day. A new sign graced the door...shorter hours. Another new sign: No New Patients.

I asked if they had received the 'earmark' and was told that they "were not going to get it after all."

I was also told that a lot of questionable pork-barrel type 'earmarks' still went through.

Folks. This is a damn shame. A lot of low income folks depend on this clinic.

My primary source today was Leona Whitman who very capably runs the clinic. Got a few thousand lying around? Got an idea for a fundraiser? Call the clinic at (920) 424-1242.

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