Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dick Cheney, Back to Work?

It doesn't surprise me that Cheney has a blood clot. What does is that the wire services said he returned to the office for the rest of the afternoon after learning this. I find this virtually impossible, highly improbable.

The medical name is deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Blood clots usually form in the upper calf behind the knee. They slow down or cut blood circulation to the lower leg. A person feels only minor discomfort. The ankle may swell. A trip to a clinic or emergency room usually results in going through an ultrasound type test to pinpoint the clot.

Since pain is minimal the presence of a clot is more likely to raise the blood pressure of the medical personnel than the patient. The medical people know that at any moment the clot may decide to move northward in the body. If the clot chooses to move to the lung or heart area you may have a good chance of survival if you are in the hospital. If the clot chooses to move to your brain (aneurysm) you will become roadkill in under eight minutes.

I have been through DVT three times and know the procedure well. If the ultrasound is positive you do not pass GO, you do not collect $200, and you can forget even leaving the hospital to go to your car, or going home to pack a bag. The next step after the ultrasound is to lay down on a gurney or hospital bed with your feet elevated higher than your heart or lungs. This tremendously lowers the likelihood that the clot will move. You will remain on your back for about four days and not be allowed to even bring your legs down to walk to a restroom! Clots are not operated on. Blood thinners are administered orally and by I.V. until the clot begins to disintegrate on its own.

That Cheney claimed to go back to his undisclosed location to finish the workday is preponderous! This is proof to me that reporters didn't even do basic investigation. They could've asked an M.D., a nurse, a relative, an uncle, their own parents, or me! Do your own investigation. Contact a relative or friend who has gone through this and you can confirm what you are reading here. Cheney went back to work: BOGUS! The Northwestern took the wire service item and printed it verbatim in their new 'all the news fitted to print' format.

I looked for outrage about this on the web and found nothing. It could be that no one even cares or bothers to challenge the MSM. It is one more time that reporters take the bait and publish without doing the simplest of fact-checking.

So now Dick Lon Cheney will be on Warfarin (brand name: Coumadin). Warfarin is rat poison. It was invented in Wisconsin. WARF stands for Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

In the 1930's farmers had cows bleed to death from eating spoiled clover silage. The UW Ag. Dept. in Madison figured this out, then put it to use. Warfarin was developed to kill rats and mice on farms. When the rats didn't die their blood became extremely thin. This info made it to the UW Medical School in Madison next. Soon they began using Warfarin in small dosages on humans. Warfarin is the most used blood thinner in the world and many buildings on the Madison campus have been paid for with residuals.

I would not be surprised if Cheney is kept on Warfarin the rest of his life. I am. I've been on it most of the time since 1994.

Warfarin has few side effects. One is use of alcohol. Alcohol thins blood and when combined with the blood thinner Warfarin you get a very quick and enhanced buzz. Someone who is on Warfarin should not drink their lunch and then go hunting quail with a friend. Warfarin, alcohol, and guns do not mix well. Ask Dick Cheney. You may have seen web chatter on this. I have personal knowledge of what happens when alcohol and Warfarin are used together. It's a fact.

A couple of Cheney's buddies from Halliburton are execs in the private company that has been running Walter Reed Hospital for two years. Yes! Walter Reed Army Hospital was outsourced to a private-for-profit corporation. Rats, mice, and mold greet our returning injured Vets. These two former Halliburton big-wigs are receiving $123 million in wages for basically gutting Walter Reed. They cut the number of employees there from 300 to 100 to SAVE THE TAXPAYERS SOME MONEY!

Oh, by the way: In an unrelated story...if the Bush Cheney REPUBLICAN bunch get their way and eliminate the death tax ONE FAMILY ALONE WILL RECEIVE A $32 BILLION TAX SAVING! That family is the one that owns Mall-Wart, the Waltons.

There you have it folks. Reporters who pass on Cheney lies as fact. Passive MSM. Former and present Halliburton employees who are hurtful to people in the armed services, the same Halliburton that Cheney ran for years. A Republican party which says 'support the troops' and has cut V.A. funds since 2000 in the name of 'saving the taxpayers some money'. Those taxpayers are some of the richest folks (Waltons) on the planet. Do you see your taxes being cut?

I find it hard to believe but there are still right-wing religious wacko redneck pickup truck loser wanna-be-Republicans who don't get it. Nothing is left-right. It's corporate / non-corporate.

The big question remains: Who will become President if Cheney dies?


(By the way...Why am I humming 'Werewolves of London'? Nevermind. It just dawned on me.)

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