Sunday, March 11, 2007

Maybe a little crazy...

What's with the flags at half-staff again. They have been that way so much of the last four years that I don't bother to investigate. Speaking of that, another item I won't investigate is telescoping flagpoles. Every time flags are to be put at half staff it would be much easier to leave the flag right where it is and raise the pole twice as high. Think about how a car or boombox aerial works. Presto! Pole moves, flag doesn't.

Spring forward, Fall back. This will drop into obscurity. It's nowhere near Spring. How about: March ahead, Fall back? (A tip of the hat to Miles McGuire with March Forth i.e. March 4.) Here's an old Irish saying: March 17th, sleep 18th.

Daylight Savings Time is going to save energy? I think not. It will encourage more energy use before daylight and tease people who 'want to go buy something before it's dark out'. Yes. Burn more gas after work and buy more cheap plastic crap from Mall-Wart. My guess would be that if everyone stayed at home after work for the next three weeks and didn't spend any money, Daylight Savings Time would start later in the spring.

Heard on the streets...
  • Newcomer: You look familiar. Did you ever spend time in a mental institution?
  • Resident: ??? (shakes head while walking away)


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