Monday, October 23, 2006

John Gard's Canoe Trip


That's the banner on Wisconsin State Rep. Mark Pocan's blog.

I read Mike Royko in the Chicago newspapers for many years. He was often reprinted in Madison's Capital Times. I looked up to him as the working man's hero. He came across as an equal, a guy you might throw dice with at the corner tap. I never dreamed I'd meet him, and when I did he swore and screamed at me.

I was entertaining at a well known supper club on the southeast side of Madison in the early 1980's. Unknown to me Mike's brother was a Madison resident and ran General Beverage there. Brother brought Mike to the supper club and while I was on break Mike Royko told me what I could do with my 'noise'. It was not in polite language and was not done quietly. I smiled and retreated. I knew his reputation. Never held it against him.

I have added a new link at right. Oshkosh Gas Prices. Use it as a loose guide. Prices not updated in 36hrs are dropped from the chart. As I write this the Renew station, far north on Jackson past hy41, is not listed. That's because no one posted it. Renew generally runs 5-cents cheaper than the others. Renew's last price: $219.9. The BP across the street usually matches them.

The Citgo Station at Jackson and Snell Rd. offers a 2-cent a gallon discount on Wednesdays for the over 55 crowd. I filled up at $222.9 there last Wednesday.

While perusing Mark Pocan's blog I found an October 19 column on John Gard. It reminded me of a John Gard story I heard some years back. I searched for it on the web and ProQuest provided me with the answer. I didn't take the time to try to link it.

The article can be found in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel of May 7, 1999. It appeared on Page 2, byline: Richard P. Jones.

This is the story as I heard it...

John Gard, hearing that there was a nude beach operating on state-owned DNR land decided to take his 7yr old son for a canoe ride. They rented a canoe south of Sauk City on the Wisconsin River and proceeded downriver.

Note that the beach is real and has been frequented by skinny-dippers for at least a century or four. It is located on the Dane County side of the river and has an island directly in front of it. Note that the main channel, the navigable part of the river, runs on the far side of the island and canoeists are putting themselves in danger of running aground if they choose to canoe directly past the beach. Most canoeists prefer to stay in the main channel with the island blocking the view.

John Gard, with full knowledge of the goings-on chose to take his young son directly past the skinny-dipping area. Later in the day Gard called a news conference to report his findings. He, of course, was living in Sun Prairie at the time. He complained about the beach.

Gard is damn lucky Social Services didn't yank his son away from him.

John Gard is an idiot.

He's a smart idiot though. He represents Peshtigo,WI where he supposedly lives, but he actually lives in Sun Prairie,Wi where his sons have gone to school for years! Even though he lives in Sun Prairie, 15-minutes from his seat at the Capitol, he gouges the taxpayers $88 per day since he is supposedly coming down from Peshtigo!

John Gard is another great Republican, just like Joe Paulus.

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