Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bait and Switch, The October Surprise

As Maxwell Smart might say to Agent 99: "Aha! That's the old bait and switch game."

Can you imagine a Bush as president during WWII.
  • Hitler invades Poland
  • Bush retaliates by attacking Japan


  • Pearl Harbor is attacked by the Japanese
  • Bush sends troops to France in retaliation

Or farther into the world of fantasy...

  • Some guys in Afghanistan bomb New York
  • Bush invades Iraq

and for the sequel:

  • North Korea dabbles in 'nookltr' bombs
  • Bush attacks Iran

Could it get any better than that? Heck yes!

The Bush family spiritual advisor Rev. Sun Myung Moon has given lots of $$$ to the present and past leaders of North Korea. Moon, who is noted for his chairing and leading prayer breakfasts in the Bush White House, has violated sanctions that have been in place against North Korea since the 1950's. With Republican Bush in the White House it is likely that increased sanctions against North Korea will begin to starve the population, opening the door for Rev. Moon to deliver food, medicine, etc. into North Korea. That's what Moon has wanted all along. Get his foot in the door to do business there.

Now that I've pissed off the evangelical right wing Bush Republican lovers, who can't understand or explain away the Bush/Moon marriage of convenience here's more.

Yes. The election is the first Tuesday in November, and the October Surprise is right around the corner. It has nothing to do with North Korea. North Korea has a bomb. Our ChickenHawk president will ignore North Korea and attack a country that has no bomb: IRAN!!!

The attack will commence after October 21 and before the first Tuesday in November.

The large flotilla left the right coast of America days ago and is expected to arrive off the coast of Iran circa October 21. The attack on Iran will be done with missiles, not ground troops. We don't have any. The newly and hurriedly refurbished aircraft carrier Eisenhower is among the ships, submarines, etc.

Yes. The price at the pump will be going up after October 21. Bush will instill FEAR in every GOD-LUBBIN' 'MERICAN so they will vote to STAY THE CURSE. Then Bush will invite Rev. Moon to the White House again.

Now I've got to go look for that plastic and duct tape. (Please click on the links of the article to learn the origin of my thoughts and much more.)

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