Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dubya Bush to Move to Paraguay?

Some days this is just too easy. Humor is fun but how does one write serious when the subject matter is so far-fetched and true that laughter holds up the simple act of typing? My ribs hurt.

Jenna Bush has been down in Paraguay meeting with the country's President and the U.S Ambassador to that country. She is there on behalf of UNICEF.

Would that be a cover story? George Bush hates the U.N. which sponsors UNICEF. Oh! Did I mention the Democrats might take Congress in the November elections and if they do, Impeachment Proceedings will probably begin against Bush?

News services are reporting that George Bush has bought almost 100,000 acres of land in Paraguay.

Did I mention possible impeachment proceedings if Democrats win in November?

The Red Cross has filed War Crimes Charges against George W. Bush. The only other time in the history of the Red Cross that these charges have been filed was in the year 1943. Those charges were made against Adolph Hitler.

Did I mention Paraguay has no Extradition Treaties?

George Dubya Bush's new farm in Paraguay will adjoin one owned by one of his close friends. That piece of land, much larger that Bush's, is owned by none other than Rev. Moon. It totals just under 1.5 million acres.

How'd Rev Moon get in here?

Violence and death has increased dramatically in Iraq in the last weeks.

Dubya himself is even making comparisons to Viet Nam.

We still have Redneck Republicans in Wisconsin saying: STAY THE CORPSE!

Some of this came from You can go directly to the article which has great links, by clicking here.

Here is another international story on the same subject.

This is far better than fiction. Watergate was never as fun as this. A lot of items are on the web regarding the above items. I picked Wonkette because of the number of good links there.

Have a great weekend and be ready for Iran to erupt.

Elect and re-elect liberals. It's time.

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