Sunday, October 22, 2006

Civil Unions / Gay Marriage

Forget Civil Unions and Gay Marriage for a minute. A larger overall principle must be in place first...

Our country was derived from English and a smattering of Scots who decided in the latter 1700's that America should not resemble the daily life of a person in England.

England had a ruling class, i.e. Kings, Dukes, Lords, etc. Lords are by example Landowners. The Lords ruled the peons who worked the fields and tended to cattle. The peons were the bottom rung of society and produced the goods which were passed upwards to the titled ones.

A grand experiment in America was a thing called 'Government'. 'Government' was this Giant Wedge that was installed between the peons and the 'Powers that Be'.

In England the peons had no rights and existed at the whim of the Lords, etc. They were bought, traded, raped and cast aside without basic rights. The American idea of using this Giant Wedge called 'Government' attempted to give the peon a base platform of decent human rights while still allowing the Lords, Dukes, etc. (read Corporations), to make money.

To that end the founders of the United States of America put forth a number of glowing documents that in theory would make America utopia. It was no utopia then and still isn't. What it is is a work in progress. Lincoln freeing the slaves. Women getting to vote. Non-landowners getting the vote. Attainment of equality is a never ending task that every person should be vigilant about.

The ideal of a perfect family is horseapples. There have always been stepchildren and various combinations of family groups which don't resemble the 'ideal'.

This Giant Wedge we call Government was designed to enhance and protect the common peons, the working people, the 9/10's of our population against the whims of the monied rest.

The Corporations, i.e. the 'Powers that Be', want to keep the peons interested in Abortion, God, Guns, and Gays. Don't fall for their boloney.

Ordinary people want health insurance for everyone who lives under their roof. That includes stepchildren, grandchildren, a cousin's wayward child, Aunt Nellie whose husband left her, and adult gay liasons. People need health insurance regardless of their situation...period.

People also need to be able to visit loved ones in hospitals, assist in end of life decisions, and much more.

That Giant Wedge called Government should guarantee that one or two adults should be able to carry health insurance for all who live under their roof at no higher a cost than any other family group on the block.

Equality for all races is a no-brainer. Equality for women is a no-brainer. One person, one vote is a no-brainer. Allowing judges to perform (non-religious) marriages is a no-brainer. Equality for same sex civil unions is a no-brainer. Any individual could disagree with any of these. The pragmatist fully realizes that he or she should be concerned what goes on under their own roof and what goes on at someone elses home (castle) is their own business.

I feel that born again right wing evangelicals should have been held under the water longer, quite a bit longer, but the pragmatist in me tells me I have no business telling them how to live. They have no business telling anyone else how to live.

Let us continue to use this Giant Wedge called Government to give all of us a decent base platform of basic human rights, regardless of our race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.


Remember that Wisconsin already defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The marriage amendment is not needed and will be derogatory to many.

One example: Voting yes would negate all domestic abuse laws for live-in non-married couples. This is not a good idea.

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